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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gloucester County, VA Volunteers Wanted

Citizens Sought for Capital Improvements Advisory Committee
The County of Gloucester is establishing a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Advisory Committee to review and make recommendations concerning proposed capital projects for both the county and public school system. The CIP document is a comprehensive plan for the development, modernization or replacement of county-owned facilities, infrastructure, equipment and land acquisition. The committee will be composed of two representatives from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, one representative from both the Gloucester Planning Commission and Gloucester School Board and two citizens preferably with relevant experience in finance or construction. The committee will meet as needed at a place and time to be determined.
Interested citizens should complete a Volunteer Board Bank Interest Form which can be found on the county’s website at (On the e-services drop down menu select “Boards/Committees On-Line.”) Interest forms may also be obtained by contacting the Community Education Department at 693-5730. The committee will begin meeting in January 2009 at a time and place to be determined.
For more information concerning the Capital Improvements Plan Advisory Committee, please contact Community Education at 693-5730.

Although this is a nice idea for saving money at the county level, you normally get what you pay for. Those who would be exceptional at the job do not have the time unless the pay is worth it. Those with the time, well there may be a reason for that. Let's hope the plan works anyway.