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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet Madeleine's Restuarant and Catering, Gloucester Point VA

No web site found. We have no experience eating at this establishment but word has it that they are good. I found a link to a third party site with a bit of information so here is the link. Sweet Madeleine's.

Trailer World, Chesapeake Bay Nauticals Gift Shop, Gloucester Point VA

Trailer World is the official name of this business, at least according to their web site. What gets my attention is the Amish furniture. We used to live in Lancaster, PA and bought several pieces of Amish Hand Made furniture. This type of furniture is made to last a lifetime and more.

This site used to be an automotive parts store. When the competition moved in though, there was no way to compete. We have no idea if this is the same owner as the one who had the shop when it was the auto parts store. Either way, check out the web site for them here. Trailer World.

Whitley's VA Peanuts, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is the link to Whitley's VA Peanuts. This is a nice store. Great Virginia Peanuts and other gifts. In the event you have never had true Virginia Peanuts, they are much bigger than the stand nuts you get from Planter's nuts or any of the other companies that produce bulk products.

These nuts may be more expensive, but if you are a peanut fan, once you try them you will know why they cost more. They are worth the price. You can order on line if you do not live in this area, otherwise, just stop into the store and get a batch.

Route 17 Looking North, Gloucester Point, VA

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EVB Bank, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is the link to EVB Bank. I have never dealt with this bank so about the only comment I can make is that we appreciate the sign outside that gives us the time and temperature. We appreciate it even more when the temperature readings are correct.

Tillage Automotive, Gloucester Point VA

Tillage Automotive located at 1925 George Washington Memorial Hwy, (Route 17), Gloucester Point, VA. Phone number is 804-642-1814.

I met one of the owners a few years back while we were looking for a nice used vehicle. He offered us a more than fair deal on a vehicle that just came in. It wasn't tested or checked by them so it was an as is deal. The vehicle had a few more problems than I cared to work with, so we passed. But again, the offer was more than fair, so I have to give good ratings here. There is no web site, so there is no link to post.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dominion School of Hair Design, Gloucester Point, VA

Dominion School of Hair Design. The link is right there in the name. Since I don't have much in the line of hair, this is not my field of specialty. I just get what little I have buzzed off. But I can always go here to learn a new skill.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa plus Sushi Foremost, Gloucester Shopping Center, VA

Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa and Sushi Foremost are located in the Gloucester Point Shopping center. We accidentally cut off half the picture of Sushi Foremost so we will have to re take that one. We could not find a web site for Trendsetters at this point nor did we have any luck finding any for Sushi Foremost. We didn't even find any reviews to add either. We have no experience with either business so we have no comments at this time.

Domino's Pizza, Gloucester Point, VA

Domino's Pizza located in the Gloucester Point Shopping Center has been serving the lower part of Gloucester County for quite some time. Mike Bennett was the owner and to the best of our knowledge still is. Mike is a good egg trying to do his best to produce the best products he can and takes care of his employees the best way he can within his means. I worked for him many years ago and hated leaving, but it was time to move on. There is no web site for this store that we could find. There is a Merchant Circle page with near no info on it. While I was on the Merchant Circle site though, I took the liberty of putting a copy of this picture on that site for them.

Let them know you saw this posting on this site. It might not get you a discount, but who knows, you might get better and faster service. Just remember, good food takes some time to produce though. And please tip the drivers. Gas isn't cheap and they do not make that much. They really do depend on those tips. (Since I have not worked for Domino's in over 7 years and have no intention of doing so again any time soon, I can get away with telling you that).