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Monday, September 12, 2011

Green Cleaning Products You Can Believe In

As any of you whom have been following this site for some time know, we are anti green. So much so that we use the term that we are orange. You have to see our other post on this for further details. With that said, one of our arguments forever and a day has been that most manufacturers that claim to be green or going green are far from green at all. The products still contain harmful chemicals and they ship a lot of water with them which we already have enough of thank you.

Once in a while we actually see a company that has made serious in roads to true green technology and are making products that make sense even to us on the orange side. Two companies come to mind. Amway with it's LOC product also known as Liquid Organic Cleaner, sold in concentrated form where they are not shipping a lot of water and now Shaklee who ships even less water with their new H2 product. This is the link to Shaklee's page for their H2 organic cleaning product. We have no connections to Shaklee nor do we want any. We were just very impressed with this offering and it makes true sense. Non toxic. Bio Degradable, highly concentrated, not shipping a bunch of water, multi use product with zero sum side effects.
Now L.O.C. has changed since we were last aware of what it was called, but they still make the same product but have expanded on the product line and now call it Legacy of Clean. The Multi Purpose Cleaner is the one that was always a favorite. Again, we have no ties to Amway and we do not want any either. We can not stand the Multi Level marketing game. Places products cost to high in order to pay everyone out on the various levels. If I wanted to sell these items at retail, the markup on them isn't there to make it worth our time. Selling the items wholesale to any business makes zero sense as then there is no markup at all. You have to sell at your own cost which makes no sense at all.

You may get a bonus at the end of the month because of volume? Big deal, no thanks. These products make sense for what they are and what they do, but for buying them through a network? Again, a pain. I don't want to buy from someone who will try and sell me a lousy business op all the time, or sell me at full retail. I'd rather buy it on line without the hassle of having to deal with any dealers or buy it in a store. So there you have it. If you want green products that make sense and work, you have to deal with a bunch of other stuff you may not be able to stand.

One day maybe someone will get it right. In the mean time, here's to the orange revolution sticking our thumbs down to the green movement.