Thursday, April 15, 2021

Proposed 2nd Amendment Preservation Act of Gloucester County, Virginia

York District Supervisor, Phillip Bazzani is continuing his charge to protect Gloucester County’s resident’s and visitor’s 2nd Amendment Rights. In his latest move, he submitted a proposed 2nd Amendment protection Resolution for inclusion in the Agenda for the May 4th Board of Supervisors meeting. Supervisor Bazzani is asking for the Resolution to be called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act of Gloucester County, Virginia”. See SlideShare presentation below to read the entire proposed Resolution.


This is not a done deal and there will likely be push-back from some “pro-gun-control” Board members and members of the community. That is why it is especially important for all 2nd Amendment supporters to spread the word, turnout in the Colonial Court Circle by 7:00PM on May 4th, make comments during the meeting’s Public Comment time or submit written or recorded comments in support of Supervisor Bazzani’s patriotic efforts. This is not the time for complacency. Once our Constitutional Rights are stripped away, we will never get them back. United We Stand, Divided We Fall


Written By: Kenny Hogge, Sr.


Link to Board of Supervisors online Public Comment methods and information. (Note: Online recorded and written comments will not be accepted until the Agenda for the May 4th meeting is published.)

“Second Amendment Preservation Act of Gloucester County, Virginia” SlideShare presentation

Monday, April 12, 2021

Gloucester County, Va. Supervisor Leading Charge to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

York District Supervisor Phillip Bazzani asked fellow Gloucester Supervisors to consider opening a discussion on following Newton County, Missouri’s lead in opposing Un-Constitutional and tyrannical gun laws the federal government is attempting to shove down the American People’s throats.

Supervisor Bazzani, who describes himself as “a fierce defender of 2nd Amendment rights”, read Newton County’s "Second Amendment Preservation Act", after which he acknowledged some parts may not be able to be done legally in the Commonwealth of Virginia and asked that those aspects be investigated by the County Attorney.

On December 3, 2019, Gloucester County joined many other localities in Virginia by declaring Gloucester a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary as our tyrannical Commonwealth government prepared to enact several Un-Constitutional “gun control” laws and mandates. Supervisor Bazzani’s current motivation is pushing back on the Un-Constitutional “gun control” laws and mandates that are now coming from the federal government.

I encourage the other members of the Board of Supervisors, our Sheriff’s Department, and every pro-2nd Amendment person in the County to support Supervisor Bazzani’s request and join with him in establishing every 2nd Amendment protection possible. I also encourage other Counties, Cities and Towns across the Commonwealth and Nation to do the same.

Below is a SlideShare presentation of Newton County, Missouri’s "Second Amendment Preservation Act", and a link to Supervisor Bazzani’s comments during the April 6th Board of Supervisors meeting.

Spread the word, and remember, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Written By: Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Link to Supervisor Bazzani’s comments during the April 6th Board of Supervisors meeting.

SlideShare presentation of Newton County, Missouri’s "Second Amendment Preservation Act"

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Concerned Citizens Of Gloucester Offer Planning Commission Solar Farm Discussion Suggestions


On behalf of, Concerned Citizens of Gloucester, we present the following suggestions and information pertaining to the Solar discussion for your consideration.

·       A Virginia County made a requirement in one of their CUP’s, for the inclusion of an educational kiosk with a platform that overlooks the solar fields so school kids can be bussed there for class. Suggest requiring the same where practical. Suggest kiosk “factually represent” the pros and cons of such solar energy facilities, including energy storage and path of energy transmission aspects.

·       Suggest adding requirement that all materials used in the construction of commercial solar facilities must be manufactured in the USA. It may or may not be relevant, but Rapidan Service Authority has required USA manufactured materials in the construction and repair of their jurisdiction’s water and wastewater systems for years. Not sure if this is possible with solar facilities, but it sure would help the Country.

·       Suggest sustained soils testing requirements for the life of the facility and as a requirement of the decommissioning process. Suggest testing for every potentially harmful element contained in any and all facility materials at least biannually. Including testing of all associated storm water facilities and outfalls to rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds and streams if a testing trail of contamination dictates such. Suggest including a provision requiring testing after any cataclysmic event that causes breakage of panels and other components containing potentially hazardous elements. Suggest including provision for abatement and replacement of soils found to be contaminated and for the removal of damaged and otherwise unserviceable components within a reasonable time (maybe 30 days). Suggest requiring the County be notified immediately in the event of damage to components containing toxic or otherwise harmful elements.

·       Suggest prohibiting the disposal of any and all solar facility components, including contaminated soils, within the boundaries of Gloucester County. Such disposal may very well upset the projected lifespan of the landfill if left unchecked. Requiring recycling of materials as the only option may cause issues if such recycling facilities are not available for damaged or otherwise unusable components or when it is time to decommission the facility. What will happen then? Suggest requiring a detailed disposal plan.

·       Several localities require seeding and planting with pollinator friendly grasses and plants as part of landscaping. Suggest requiring the same in Gloucester.

·       Suggest fully exploring energy revenue share options provided in the Code of Virginia, with significant focus on the long-term revenue picture. Machines and Tools taxes will provide little revenue and Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery Depreciation (if applicable) will quickly decrease that revenue to nothing. Suggest clarifying how the facility’s real estate will be taxed, i.e., commercial, agriculture, etc. Suggest a requirement to review revenue sharing and other potential revenue avenues every five or so years.

·       Suggest requiring data supported water usage estimates for construction and post construction operations. A lot of residents rely on well water. If well drilling is necessary during construction, the impact on nearby wells may need to be considered. If public water is used, it may be prudent to know what long- and short-term impacts there may be on the system.

·       Suggest requiring applicants to coordinate with local emergency management staff and first responders to provide annual materials, education and/or training on hazardous elements contained in the facility and how to safely respond to and mitigate on-site emergencies.

·       Suggest spelling out the acceptable forms of surety for decommissioning, etc. and what happens to sureties when ownership changes through sale, bankruptcy, etc. In other words, a way to ensure the existence and availability of those funds throughout the life of the facility?

·       Suggest a requirement for power generated by solar facilities in Gloucester to be used only in Gloucester in the event of extended power outages.

·       Suggest including below ground fixtures, apparatuses and other components to those items that must be removed during decommissioning.

·       Suggest creating initiative to raise landowner awareness of the benefits and potential pit falls of entering into an agreement with solar companies. Maybe even requiring the landowner to acknowledge their awareness as part of the application process. In many instances throughout the country, landowners have been taken advantage of in various ways. See presentation on this topic at this link:

We have included links to various Counties’ solar ordinances, to the Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation’s Utility-Scale Solar Ordinance Recommendations, and other informative information. We hope information found at these links and our suggestions will be helpful in the process of developing comprehensive rules for solar development in our County.


Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Gloucester Point

Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation’s Utility-Scale Solar Ordinance Recommendations

Page County Solar Regulation (Draft) 11-17-2020

Culpeper County Solar Policy

Halifax County Solar Ordinance

The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), established in 1986.

New York Solar Law Model

Toxic Chemicals In Solar Panels 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021



  Alas for me.... here I sit in my little cubby hole trying to think up ways to awaken the "Walking Dead". You know what I am talking about..... it's not just a's for real. Don't try to pretend it isn't there because it is and it all began years ago. I hope to stay on track but you know me...everything I write is straight from the finger tips and if I feel the rant well....there's that.
     Let's start with those ADD/ADHD meds you allowed them to give them to give your child. You know, those mind altering drugs people my age try to buy so they can get a high. That's right...if an adult can get a high off of it...what in the world is it doing to our children? Think about that now... children are on Ritalin  and if you don't know the side effects let me explain them as defined on Google. Nervousness, trouble sleeping, weight loss, dizziness, nausea, vomiting or headache may occur and it may raise one's blood pressure. Now, if you'd rather do that to your child than find a nice quiet place to work with them then that's on you and your child suffers because of that. Go ahead let the village raise your child....they'll medicate them and program them to think America is the root of all their problems. Seriously though, if you have a child your school has pegged as 'troubled', I urge you to buy the book "A strong-Willed Child" By: James Dobson. Many don't realize the ability a child has to stand for ones beliefs and not conform is a quality so many people wish they had. Don't surrender your child to drugs. Where will they turn when they are grown with no way of buying it? What will they turn to? Ponder that.....
     Now, we need to get to another one of those "Walking Dead" drugs. That's right. Momma's and Papa's this one's on you! Did you know that you control your own happiness? That's right. You decide today..... if it's going to be a good day or a bad day from the moment your feet hit the floor. Why do you think I am always singing "Oh Happy Day"?  You do not need Valium, Xanax or any other anti depressant to change  your thoughts, regardless of what people tell have control of that and always have. That's right...just ask NOOM... they will tell you they use the behavior modification therapy to alter your thinking. Amazing isn't it? You don't have the strength to change your own thoughts but you will allow someone else to brain wash you. Go ahead, take another mind altering drug if you want. Sounds like you have already decided to surrender to the government plantation and just take hand outs while you cry that you are emotionally unstable. That's right.....the first thing they'll ask you is if you have had to seek mental health treatment and you will raise your hand. Do yourself a favor and put down those drugs.... they are not helping you get off the current path you are taking towards the government plantation. It's no fun being a part of the Walking Dead......  just ask those who are strung out on the next set of "drugs" they have clouded our children's minds with....but adults are just as guilty as our young adults with this. Wouldn't it be great to walk around knowing you are in control and haven't surrendered to medications just to co-exist?
     It's sad to see adults trembling for their next fix as they walk through the front door of their families homes. Sad to see children homeless because they ran away from alcoholism or abuse from something... only to find themselves coating the pain with the same drug or something worse than they ran away from. These drugs are mind altering too only they are much worse than anything imaginable. The addiction that takes over them turns them into people we do not know. We are stricken with pain as we watch loved ones rob us or others or even worse things just for their next fix. Then we read about them being left along the roadside because they overdosed and nobody wanted to call the police, I guess at some point they realized, these people were not their friends.
     So, how do we stop it? Well my friend, it starts with you. Stop complaining about your grandsons pants and take him out for an afternoon doing something you both enjoy. Who cares if his hair is green and there's a leprechaun tattoo on his shoulder..... and your granddaughter who loves mouthing off...... Well, it just might be time to take her to a spa and teach her how to relax. Yup, now is a good time to do it... tomorrow might be too late. In the mean time, educate yourselves in identifying these drugs and protect your family from them. It has become apparent that the politicians are not looking out for them..... Oregon recently legalized every drug!!!! Do you really think any of these guys cares what happens to your child???? I am not seeing it folks, I am just not seeing it. They don't even want you to protect them....why else would they want to take away your guns? And why...someone.... please tell me why we Americans are allowing this.... The Walking Dead is Woke folks, are you listening or are you one of them?

Monday, February 15, 2021

MY RANT: Senator's should be held accountable


It happened sometime around supper time. It hit with a vengeance and I knew, yes I knew it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. I knew when I picked up the old pad with notes written on it every which way but right on almost every page. No worries I had enough space somewhere to jot down my thoughts and then....I began to ponder....
This a.m. I pulled out my chair and got comfortable, clearing the clutter that had built from lack of attention and immediately I knew I had to do this. Everything was going wrong! Sometimes I am up for a battle with darkness but not always.
I am about to give you seven names. I will include their states and I will direct you on how to reach out and perhaps, if anyone could offer more information. I always welcome true input.
These are the republican senators that went against the party in which have voted them in, therefore they do not represent their party and should be censured, removed or impeached. I implore each and everyone of you to reach out to your representatives and demand that these people be removed. They need to be replaced immediately by someone who speaks on behalf of the people, not the socialists. If Americans are not going to make a stand then they will surely fall.
LOUISIANA: Senator Bill M. Cassidy stated that, " I still have people back home who swear the dominion machines were rigged, even though different (fake?) news outlets have printed retractions....... But obviously the President repeated it over and over. That clearly had an impact." this is hardly, a man who supports the people "at home" who voted him in. Get him out.
NORTH CAROLINA: Senator Richard Burr stated.. "The attack on the U.S. Capitol was an attempt to undermine our democratic institutions and over rule the will of the people through violence , intimidation and force." He speaks that as though he speaks for the people who voted for him, yet he is so wrong. He fears losing power like the rest of them. Were they threatened to have their free visits to Epstein's Island taken away? Or maybe they just don't want to end up where 79 of the Clintons friends and associates have ended up. DEAD
MAINE: Your Cricket Senator Susan Collins don't even have the courage to say why. She appears to think you are too dumb to notice. She dotes on the pandemic and professes to understand your losses yet she has done nothing about it, but support spending millions that could have gone to your small businesses. And by all means get rid of that Independent Angus King. He's starting to smell like a cow.
ALASKA: Senator Lisa Murkowski...we remember that traitor from before. That's right she and Susan didn't care either time what the people wanted, now did they? Yet she says, " The vote today was not about President Trump. It was about the senate retaining jurisdiction to try a former official who was impeached while in office for acts done in office." Ponder that, they want to retain jurisdiction long after you are gone.
UTAH: Don't forget Senator Mitt Romney aka Pierre Delecto now ain't that some kind of special? I mean, special ed. Seriously folks. He really did that! You tell your twelve year old it's dangerous and he's surfing the net incognito. Scary, eh? Don't suppose he's looking for Epstein victims do you? Or maybe he is looking for another child bride. After all doesn't his faith allow him to have as many slave women as he wants. By the way, did I mention his first name is Willard.....would that be aka. "the rat"? . Just saying. But take good care of Mike Lee. I think he has your back.
NEBRASKA: Senator Ben Sasse, the man who bashed Republicans who voted against the bogus impeachment and referred to them as "a cult of personality" and "acting like politics is religion." Wow! He don't even respect his own team mates. I think he has made a religion out of it by trying to declare himself some kind of god.
PENNSYLVANNIA: Senator Pat Toomey.... last but certainly not least, he just wanted a resignation so he could "get this person in the rearview mirror for us". Maybe he could be the object in the mirror.
These rhino's need to go. They are supporting the fake news and I encourage you all to pull your stocks from these social medias and give to those who support our constitution. Support the NRA, our Veterans Administrations and our police departments directly. We don't need Joe's money. And directly fund your candidate. Do not use RNC or DNC give directly to the candidate. We don't need these people going into our voting machine rooms, we need military standing by and any and all illegals should be arrested and deported immediately for attempting to falsify American votes.
I encourage NO ONE to register their guns. Maybe clean them before Hitler orders that you surrender them but don't register them. You don't think the thugs did or will do you?.
And in closing, it's important to note that our cities have been burned to the ground by democratic run states. Just think, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bailed them out of jail and the terrorist group ANTIFA directed their page to Joe Biden's presidential website.
There was no insurrection on January 6th people, if that were the ill prepared as the White House was.... they would have been snuffed out not sitting in a floor praying and crying. Did they really think God heard their prayers after they told God His babies had no relevance? The nerve of people! What you saw was a group of people, mostly peaceful, who walked into OUR CAPITOL and demanded their voices be heard. No one got shot, no city burned down and no churches destroyed. Yet the Mayor allowed all of that right across the street.
Patriots, I don't know what the game plan is but I sure hope you have one. Get out and about. Gather with friends talk. Get candidates that you truly trust to run. Preferably no more lawyers. To heck with that. We pay them to lie for us and think they tell the truth. Come on America.......Google your government offices and call them. Tell the White House, the representatives, the Senators. Let your voices be heard!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

HUMOR ME By: Violet


Humor me a moment, while I tell you of a time when there were people who respected themselves and others. That's right. There was a time parents protected their daughters like they were a momma bear protecting her baby cub. Then one day, and I am telling you it came from out of the blue....Momma's started putting their daughters on birth control and giving them permission to share themselves freely. I don't see anything wrong with that. Personally, I see a problem!!! Since when should your daughter be passed around like a slab of meat and why...for God's sake why would you want that?

Humor me once again, when I tell you that sexual immorality was not always prevalent. People knew what they were and they acted the part. There was no confusion about their gender but then one day...parents stood up and said...."My son don't want to be a boy so by jeezus he's a girl." And you call that, what? I guess since your kid should have anything they want them give them the impossible, right? Fact is..... you got them testosterone's or progesterone's for life BooBoo, whether you like it or not. Yup...wanna be men menstruate and wanna be women get erections it's just the way it is. Then parents supported the sex change some even claiming 8 year olds know what hey want. Have you ever looked up the ratio of how many transgenders were truly happy afterwards and how many still felt inadequate even after the change? You should...... depression doesn't go away with an operation. The pain is deeper than that...See, loving oneself can bring an eye opening experience to life,  you no longer settle for anxiety pills and drugs....they didn't fix it anyway. I just wonder how many of those kids were told they'd never amount to anything and just ended up disassociating from that role? Therefore, being a man would be something they didn't want to attempt? Heck, I don't know folks, but it seems confusion has filled our younger generation at a rate faster than anything I have ever seen on a NASCAR track. 

Humor me a moment or two longer please, I forgot to mention the young girls who weren't given the pill by their doting parents. Or those few remaining who were taught how to love and respect themselves. Yea, those other girls who are left raising babies in poverty or leaving them behind for their grandparents to raise so they can go out and create more babies they really don't want but without an education the only way out is to allow the government to send them food vouchers and government housing. Do you see where this has taken us?  Yet, even worse, the unimaginable killing of unborn fetuses and who would have ever dreamed that one day you could kill it upon it's first breath. Much like what we saw when they killed all the babies because they heard the Christ was born, eh? And if you really want to think about Sodom and Gomorrah . Be careful folks.....I found out sometime ago that compromising with God is not an option. Ponder that...... for your sake not mine.

Humor me please, as I close..... you may not remember this but there was a time people took their children to church, they taught them to love thy brethren but to also....know when to wipe the sand from their feet. Do your children know and understand this concept? Are they strong enough to stand on the concept or have they been pitied so long they don't think work is a necessity but something their parents must do until the government will. Yet, father's allow their grown son's to sit on the sofa all day and play XBox and yet they complain about him lying around. Work my will kill that depression that has you thinking you aren't what you the way, there is no gender neutral and anyone who tries to tell you that is leading you down a very dark alley. Hopefully you will ponder my thoughts and recognize that we are a day late and a dollar short from correcting the damage we have done and allowed to have done to our children by allowing a village to raise our children.

 My advice.... PRAYER...some prayer, some power. More prayer,  more power. Lot's of prayer, lots of power. Have you displayed the power that has been gifted to you?  Humor me.....try it and see how it works out for you. I much worse can it  get?

Friday, January 29, 2021

Gloucester County, Virginia's Real Estate Tax Deception

In January 2020, the latest of Gloucester’s real estate reassessments became effective. The overall value of Gloucester real estate changed from $4,391,807,486.00 to $4,659,865,396.00, resulting in an increase of $268,057,910.00 in overall value. At the current tax rate with the new assessment, the County gets an increase in real estate tax revenue (Money going into the County’s coffers) of approximately $2 Million.  
Shortly after this reassessment, the County and Board of Supervisors began budget deliberation for the FY 2021 budget, which covers the period of July 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2021. The County built this budget based on the increase in overall real estate tax revenue even though they did not hold a Public Hearing or vote on it until December 1, 2020, over seven months after the budget was approved.

During the budget deliberations and after, there was a big push to increase the local retail sales tax to provide money for various School System Capital projects. (Building new buildings parking lots, ball fields, renovating, replacement, repair, and such type projects.) The pushed narrative that increasing the retail sales tax would prevent real estate taxes from going up and would spread some of the Capital expense burden to people outside Gloucester who use Gloucester businesses and services sounded like a pretty darn good idea but for one thing, real estate taxes did increase, and they knew it the whole time they were spreading the deception. The biggest factor that allowed them to get away with this was the lack of Conservative Gloucester citizens who follow and engage in what is going on with our local government.

The County had the option of lowering the real estate tax rate to set it in line with the Real estate tax revenue it took in the year before. If they had, it would have resulted in the real estate tax rate being lowered from $0.695 per $100 in value to $0.659 per $100 in value. A $0.36 per $100 of value decrease in the rate. On December 1, 2020, five of our illustrious Supervisors voted to keep the $2 Million instead of lowering the rate. The two Supervisors who voted against this deception were Mike Winebarger of the Petsworth District and Phillip Bazzani of the York District.

On top of the real estate tax deception, five Supervisors voted to allow the School System to borrow nearly $6 Million to fund some of its Capital projects they were also claiming, at the same time, would be funded by the retail sales tax increase. Again, Winebarger and Bazzani voted against borrowing the money. The retail sales tax increase was passed by the voters in the November 3, 2020 election. This will give the School System another $5 Million, plus or minus, annually. The increase goes into effect July 1, 2021.

Below are links to where you can see and hear this information for yourself. I encourage everyone to visit these links.

Kenny Hogge, Sr. 

December 1, 2020 Public Hearing on the real estate tax Deception:

$6 Million Dollar loan public hearing:

2019 Land Book:

2020 Land Book:

Thursday, December 31, 2020


      As this day opens I fill my head with the many traditions before. Family, friends and laughter. The gathering of thoughts and ideas for the coming year. Resolutions made and resolutions broken. How I long the little arms that wrapped around my neck and required my protection, kissing the loved one as the New York ball drops. Shucks y'all, it was just last year....people were wearing depends to see it fall. New regulations from terrorists efforts and we see we are forbidden to go to the bathroom, yet no one stopped coming. I guess something new had to be tried....even before co-vid-19 the ability to change the way people do things was occurring and one noticed. Did anyone ever believe that people would wear a depends just to see to a New Year's Celebration? No, I don't suppose we did. In only 18 hours, this day will close and a New Year will begin and I pray for a revival and an awakening that no man has ever known.

 I pray that Americans stand for our country, Christians for their faith and parents for their children. Oh yea, we didn't lose our children.... we gave them away. We gave them to XBox and Nintendo and cell phones. We allowed Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat to entertain them. While Grand Theft Auto taught them how to kill cops and victimize bystanders. Oh, I do pray for our youngsters! I pray that a shelter of protection keeps them from Satan's temptations they face in today's world. Heroin, crystal meth.....things that have robbed them from life for way too long. I pray that those who are on ADD/ADHD drugs..., are filled with a peace that drugs can not give them. Let me ask you this.....Has anyone tried taking your child to church and reading the Bible with them? Have you ever walked the grounds of a battle field and talked with your child about the sacrifices that were made? Do you even know what those sacrifices were? Has anyone mentioned to children of color that it was white men who fought and died for their freedom? Without them they could still be enslaved. Yet no one mentions the bravery of the American soldier and it's so painful to see how far respect and honor have been cast by the wayside. Our men in uniform have been treated as though their sacrifices mean nothing and our very foundation is being rocked. I pray for an awakening... a revival ..... A "Revakening ", per se.

As I close, much of what you just read will be forgotten....just like a lot of things that occurred this past year but some things are embedded in your mind for ever. Whether its the loss of a loved one....a new child or any other type of major event and if there wasn't one ....there's always Covid and the attempted dismantling of a strong economy. REVAKE AMERICA....stand up. We need real men to stand for this country and I just don't see men in high heels and dresses doing that for this country. I love you all....but it is what it is. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! May God keep you and shelter you from all the evil that lies waiting and always remember ......THOU WILT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE. ISAIAH 26:3

****See You January 6th in D.C. Start letting people know where you will be meeting to leave from your town. Not a million man 'bout a 74 million man march. That's what I'm talking about.