Sunday, March 22, 2009

Carolinia BBQ House, Carolina Barbecue House

We just ate at the Carolina BBQ house. The staff was friendly enough. There is no menu, everything is buffet. The food was very hit and miss with much more miss than hit. As the name would suggest, they have pork barbecue that was average at it's best. If you wanted to make a sandwich, you had to contend with some pretty nasty rolls. They have ribs that were just poor quality and that is being nice. The scallops were good, as was the pot roast as long as you could find the meat. The sweet potatoes were worth a second helping, the shrimp was hard to find underneath the batter.

They had fish that didn't look to good. The hush puppies were good. We all passed on the salad as it was to much white lettuce that had no appeal. The cheese tasted funny. Plates took forever to be removed from the table. When you went up to the buffet, many of the plates were still wet, the silverware didn't appear all that clean and many of the plates had chips out of them. Napkins were nowhere to be found so we all used paper towels. (Very classy). Some folks sitting at a near by table were wiping off their silverware with baby wipes before using it. If you are looking for atmosphere, this isn't the place.

We had seen some bad reviews on line for this place but I prefer to find out for myself. Seems the reviews are justified. What little selection of deserts they had were not very appealing either. We went for some sort of chocolate cake and my wife found a nice long hair in it. (Happens in buffet settings). I couldn't bear the taste of it. Given the price for the meals, I would have rather given the money to charity. If you are picking the best and worst of Gloucester County, this one is on the list for worst.

We have friends that go to this restaurant on a regular basis and really like it. It is a country style restaurant with some, (but very little) down home cooking. If you have never tried this place, consider yourself lucky. Spend your money somewhere else.

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