Monday, April 6, 2009

Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum 5, With Links For CD Sales

Here is the link to the store in Tewkesbury Abbey if you are interested in purchasing any of their musical CD's. I am hoping they will produce a DVD of their music. Click Here to go to their store.

Now this video I want to point out the lead singer. Here is a guy with a very potential future. A great voice. Need to talk him into quitting smoking though. (I shouldn't speak, but I am older and my voice isn't going to get me anywhere in the musical field). I had the pleasure of speaking with him for a few moments and he is as gracious as he is talented. I'll let the video speak for itself from here though.

At the end of this video is father Steve. Another gracious man with a great sense of humor and a wonderful speaker. We had the pleasure of speaking with him on numerous occasions and may we say that the folks back in England are very blessed to have him as one of their own. If we could take him away from there and have him here, I'm sure that would be happily arranged.

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