Monday, May 18, 2009

Blackbeard's Crew, Blackbeard Plans Raid on Hampton Virginia, Our Spy Uncovers The Story

You may have missed Blackbeard's Crew while they raided Yorktown a few weeks back, but they have their biggest event of the year coming up in June. The weekend of June 5th through the 7th in Hampton. Expect over 100 pirates from all over the East Coast to be at this event. We plan on being there and plan on raiding the pirates lair. We built a web site with pictures and a video from their event in Yorktown. CLICK HERE to view our review site. The site will expand with their events. These folks really do a great job and put on a wonderful show.

If you have never seen them, you really are missing a superb time. So clear your calendar and call your friends and get ready for a great time in Hampton with this scurvy bunch. By the way, this is their 10th anniversary, so expect a show like never seen before. Arrgh!

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