Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ghosts of Gloucester, Virginia

With a growing interest in ghosts and ghost stories, we are seeking information on Gloucester Counties most haunted sites and homes. So we are asking you for your stories and we would like to follow up with some in depth interviews and photography. If your story is really good, it will show up here on this site.

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  1. I don't know about the house now, but 20 years ago, my family rented a house on Mill Point Rd. My family (with the exception of my Dad) believed it was haunted. Apparently, the husband had died (not sure if he died in the house) and his widow kept the house as a rental property.

    Some of the odd things that happened there:
    1. Sometimes the phone cord or curtains in the kitchen would start moving for no apparent reason as if someone had brushed them as they walked by.
    2. You could hear someone walking around upstairs even though no one was up there.
    3. In my bedroom, there were cold spots and when I laid in bed at night, sometimes it sounded like someone was walking across the room toward me.
    4. My dog who, prior to us moving there, always slept in my room refused to sleep or go in my room at this house.
    5. At night, it sometimes looked like there as a man standing at the top of the stairs (just a shadowy figure).
    6. At night, it sometimes looked like the shadow of a man sitting on the sofa.
    7. My mother once thought she heard the sound of a choir singing. There was no TV or radio on and the house isn't near enough to hear the neighbors play music unless they were blasting it.
    8. Snakes used to come up on the porch and look into house through the sliding glass door.

    Honestly, it just seemed to be a bad house -- almost evil. I was happy to leave that house and I don't think I would go back there even if you paid me. It is the only house I've ever experienced anything like that. It was just creepy.


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