Monday, August 16, 2010

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #1 And The Entire Show Posted Here

From the Gloucester County Renaissance Festival that was held here at the Historic Courthouse Circle in July, here is Mars Mandrake performing his magic act for those of us who attended. If you missed this festival, here is your chance to at least catch Mandrake's magic. This is a 6 video series and the entire show is posted right here on this site. This year was the 4th annual Renaissance Festival and it was yet another good one. Despite the small area in which it is performed in, these folks have a way of transforming time and taking you back to an era of old. We have more video from this years event and plenty of pictures which we are still working on. Some of it shot in HD and that takes a lot of time to process.

We even have a live interview with the King and Queen of the event and finally found our lost pictures from last year. So we have a lot to catch you up on. Enjoy the show.

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