Monday, August 16, 2010

Gloucester County Civil War Weekend, Early Pictures

The Last Muster Of Gloucester Militia, or the Civil War re enactments held at the Gloucester County Court House this weekend was a successful event for the county. A very nice showing from the community, supporting this event went over very well. As usual we were there taking a lot of pictures and video. We have a very rare and exclusive interview coming to this site soon, of General Robert E Lee. We will also be putting together some other videos and slide shows from this event for those of you who missed it. This was the counties second event. Next year's event will be held down at the point on May 8th, 2011. The Alliance will be included in the event as a ship that comes up to bombard the shores of Gloucester.

We will be promoting this event and have already made the arrangements to do so. Parking for next years event will NOT be available, everyone attending the event will need to be bused in to the event. This is for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. So expect this to be very big. The county is already working with the state on this and the promotions should be much better than past promotions for county events. If we can, we will be shooting a number of promotional videos and getting them up in all the right places. These will be done in full HD. So clear your calendar for next year and plan on attending.

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