Friday, May 13, 2011

First Shots of the Civil War, Gloucester, 2011 Re Enactment

Instead of the county putting on the last muster civil war days this year, the county instead did a first shots of the Civil War in Virginia. Those first shots were fired right here in Gloucester County against the ship, the Yankee back on May, 7th, 1861. The re enactment, planning staging and organization were top notch. Gloucester always does an incredible job of putting on events. Some of the best around bar none. What always bothers me is the lack of advertising the county does. How many people knew about this event? The amount of people who showed up was relatively low in my own opinion. A number of people we polled were there for the beach and went around the show anyway. The amount of people who could have been there would have been much higher if promotions were properly done. Did anyone notify the local radio station? Did the county post anything in any of the papers? We tried to work with the county at the beginning of the year to get all the dates for county events and we had planned a spectacular on line calender, but the county never got back with

Guess they could always claim it's not in the budget. Free advertising and promotions not in the budget? What? Didn't pay the phone bill? Please. On the one hand, we applaud the county for yet another great event, and on the other hand fault the county for NOT taking advantage of getting the word out more. We know that newspapers offer free listings of county events as do TV stations and web sites, such as ours. But you have to work with us and let us know. Nuff said on that note. We have the Gloucester Main Street Association putting on the concert with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra in June. We will post more soon along with a rare video of a past performance.

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