Friday, May 13, 2011

Orange, The Color of The Anti Green Movement. Treaties of Common Sense

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The mantra of those who have never taken the time to question the validity of what they regurgitate. The first question to ask is, “if recycling is such a great idea, how come it has not been practiced throughout history”? Why have not our forefathers taught us the wisdom of recycling? The answer is very simple. It's not a sound idea nor is it sound practice. In fact, recycling costs more than raw materials. Much more. Keep in mind that when you go to the store and look at a ream of paper. Recycled paper costs much more than regular paper. Why? The government offers all kinds of incentives and tax breaks for companies that produce recycled goods. Tax money is given to corporations to finance part of the operations. The government does NOT do this with companies producing the same goods that use raw materials, so recycled goods should be by far cheaper. But they are not. In fact, producing goods from previously used materials is considerably more expensive and uses much more resources than producing goods from raw materials.

Wait. Producing goods from previously used materials uses more resources? Yes they do. If more resources are being used to produce goods from used materials as opposed raw materials, then how sound is the practice and how green is it really? Are we being duped? That depends on who you ask. Ask those with a financial interest in duping you and the answer is of course no. My own children kept coming home regurgitating the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle. So I took them to the store and showed them products made of recycled materials and their cost compared to goods produced using raw materials. In every case, the goods produced using raw materials was much cheaper. They no longer sing the mantra of the lunatic fringe.

Do major corporations really buy the green movement? Not a chance but they have to play the game all the same. Want proof? Go into any store and the proof is staring at you on every shelf. Why do we need so much packaging? Why is laundry detergent or any detergent sold in bottles? If companies really wanted to be green, all they would have to do is ship in containers of their products and you would just go in and pour into your own container what you need and pay for that. No extra packaging, waste and garbage for the landfills. The same with foods and just about everything else. The waste is everywhere. So do you really think there is a green movement? I don't.

So why orange for the anti green movement? We go over to Ireland for that. On Saint Patrick's day, the Catholics wear green in commemoration of Saint Patrick. The Protestant's wear orange as they do not recognize Saint Patrick. It's been a fighting tradition for quite some time. So we have borrowed our color from Ireland for our anti green movement. It's not religious, it's not political. It's just common sense.

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