Monday, May 23, 2011

New Window Pane Murals Are Here

We have developed something rather new and unique. We call them window pane murals. We take an image and split it up using a number of highly specialized programs and then frame the pictures to create one mural. The results give the illusion that you are looking out a window. The above picture is of Walter Reed Birthplace. This is a mini mural that measures about 15x23 inches. We can create panes and murals up to 16 feet by 20 feet with any size picture without loosing any clarity. Imagine putting a window anywhere you want with any view you want. We are developing these for the following markets, museums, hotels/motels, restaurants, businesses, commercial, ad agencies and of course your home when you are ready for something fun and different.
Just e-mail us at the bottom of this site for more details.

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