Sunday, July 10, 2011

Local Coast Guard Member Seen Here Breaking Laws

Local Coast Guard member, Scott Petty is seen here committing illegal acts. Says he is fine if we show everyone this video. So here it is. Scott Petty has been blowing off illegal fireworks from his backyard over into his neighbor's yards for years causing all kinds of problems and he knows the problems he has been causing. Reported many times about his constant bombardment over neighbor's properties, nothing to date has been done about it. Well we expect that is going to change as he also threatens the life and well being of my own family at this point. We have sent this video to Homeland Security, Congressman Rob Wittman, A top admiral of the US Coast Guard, and several members of our local board of supervisors. We do not need local terrorists in our community that hide under the guise of US Coast Guard members. If he is willing to break multiple laws here at home, how well is he protecting our shores? Can you say, "For a fee I can look the other way and pretend I didn't see those drugs and guns"?

He has compromised himself to where he can now be blackmailed due to his many now public breaches of the laws that we are all bound by. Would you even trust him as a desk jockey at this point? He could even be a risk for that job if anything remotely sensitive even comes through the office. For a fee that paper work might just go away or forever be lost? Okay, let's be fair here. Fireworks violations are a slap on the wrist and I have a zero sum issue with fireworks. I do have issues with them when they are used in a terrorist manner however, and that is the real story here.

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