Thursday, July 14, 2011

US Coast Guard Member Breaking Virginia Laws Round 3

So now Scott Petty is threatening a law suit. Well first off I wish him luck finding any attorney dumb enough to take on a frivolous lawsuit. The fines the attorney will get hit with are not worth the consideration. Second, the counter suit of 1st Amendment suppression, something he is sworn to uphold and protect, would be forthcoming and I am being nice. But again let's re look at the video, he gave his full permission to post and show the video. Now what we still have not covered yet is the illegal storage of illegal fireworks and the illegal transportation of said fireworks. A question that the US Coast Guard must look into is how did he come about these illegal explosives and did he acquire them while on duty? Did he use the US Coast Guard to carry and transport illegal explosives for his own use? Did he use the Coast Guard to break numerous state laws by bringing these fireworks into the state? Trained in terrorism, is he bringing his training home and using it against others? I have interviewed a few of his neighbors who hate him for many reasons.

Again I will point out, if he is willing to violate a number of state laws, what else is he willing to violate while on the job? One has to ask.

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