Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene In Gloucester, VA

It's 10:00 AM and we have just finished setting up base at a location we negotiated along route 17. Objective to bring you news throughout the day until power goes out should that actually happen. The rain started at about 3:00 AM with some nice mild winds coming at us, but nothing at all major. At about 7:30 AM the winds and rain had picked up considerably. Still nothing at all alarming. Here at 10:00 AM we have some fair wind gusts and average rain but still nothing that would concern the average person. Plain and simple, we need this rain.

With a state that has already been rocked with an earthquake that is not normal to the area earlier this week, we are now facing what is potentially a strong hurricane. With hurricane's also normally comes tornado's. The earthquake has already produced aftershocks to the tune of 6 total that we are aware of and has caused some damage in northern Virginia. Imagine if we end up with yet another quake in the middle of a hurricane and even have twisters dancing around us as well. The makings of a great disaster movie.

Well I am not at all concerned. I just do not think we are going to get hit with all that much other than some strong winds and much needed rain. If I am wrong, well then we are set up to report on it. We have already shot some footage outside to show nothing other than some vehicles traveling up and down the 17 corridor on a gloomy day with some minor winds and rain. We will get it posted on line before the day is out. We will also be shooting the progression of the storm as it occurs. So be safe and you can keep your eyes on here until power goes out, then we are done bringing you any updates until the power comes back on.

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