Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Design Changes For Gloucester County Links and News

We took the site down for a few days re designing the site. Now it is back up and running and is now a self perpetuating entity. In other words instead of us funding the site year in and year out, it now funds itself. This is now our 4th year serving Gloucester County with this web site. With that said, we recently made some policy changes on what we have been reporting. We will soon be moving those changes to a new site and once again return county news to this site. In our opinion, there is a lot to celebrate here in Gloucester. There are also issues here, but the good outweigh the bad in our opinion. The above picture is from the 7th Virginia Regiment from this past season, May, 2011. A great group that graces us every year sponsored by Gloucester County. One of the many events that are worth celebrating.

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