Monday, August 15, 2011

New Policy Changes

As anyone who has followed this site for any length of time can now clearly see, we are not the same news and links site we once were. We have changed our policy for news and links dramatically and will be continuing down this road for some time to come. Dramatic changes are taking place everywhere and very few are reporting what is really going on. We are changing that. With a US Debt of 65.5 Trillion as of the end of 2008, we have the guts to start showing you what is really going on in the world and will be showing you where your job is going tomorrow and how it will be lost to Global trading. You think it was only the blue collar worker that has suffered? Sorry but those of you in the white collar complex are all next. From lawyers to accountants, technicians to IT people, your jobs are about to be outsourced to India where the labor pool is much cheaper. Same with you engineers and even doctors. H1B Visas will wipe out American born and educated doctors and replace them with doctors from other countries where they will work for much lower wages for a short period of time before going back to their own countries.

Welcome to a One World system. We are about to put up our own tests to see if Globalism is really good for anyone or not. We are now setting up an international concern and will be comparing the results to our regional interests to see which concerns produce stronger results. We will also start to exploit flaws in global trading and report the results that will allow anyone to sidestep retail trade and buy at much lower prices that could kill multinational companies once the word gets out. We have done it in the past ordering from China and bringing in goods through Canada using the Canadian currency and lowering our costs dramatically. Now we are going to see about this same exploit using Mexican currency flaws.

What most of you do not know or understand is that NAFTA is law and in certain area's, does supersede US Law. Knowing this and learning where the flaws lie, one can seriously take advantage of a number of flaws in the laws. You can also manipulate currency trading to your advantage buying at lower levels than you would be able to do otherwise. It's time to level the playing field. $65.5 trillion dollars is nothing to sneeze at and you need to start understanding what this all really means to each and every one of us.

What does 1 trillion dollars look like? If you could spend $1.00 per second, also meaning $86,400.00 per day, it would take you about 3,700 years to spend 1 trillion dollars. The US Government is now running multi-trillion dollar deficits per year now. Gross World Production is only estimated at 53 trillion per year at the end of 2008. Yet at the end of 2008 the US already had a 65.5 trillion dollar deficit. Are you getting the picture yet? How long do you think the US can survive when we are exporting our jobs in the millions per year to other countries and importing millions of illegal aliens each year into our own country who keep taking more and more of our work? Implosion is eminent.

But your not worried are you. Good for you.

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