Monday, August 15, 2011

Agenda 21, Revisited Part 2

Before we even begin revisiting agenda 21 in Mathews County, let's take a look at what happened over in Kansas City back in May of 2006. Mexico decided to open a customs port in Kansas City with the City council giving all thumbs up. The city council decided to name the operations "Kansas City Customs Port". The cost of the new building was estimated at about $3 million. Kansas City decided that the residents should foot the bill for the building and not Mexico. That was local government. To this day, most of the people of Kansas City have no idea that money was taken from them and used for a Mexican government complex on Mexico's behalf, not ours. Click Here to read another take on this.

All thanks to our new world order. A New World Order that we keep on being told that we all want to see. If that does not make you mad enough, then let's also look at a few other things. According to the US Constitution, it is illegal for a member of Congress, a Senator, Vice President or President to hold dual offices especially any that may be a part of any other government. Well ex Senator Bob Bennett was the honorary president of the TPN, Transatlantic Policy Network, along with 6 other senators and 49 US Congressmen. What is TPN? Put simply an underhanded rogue organization designed to bypass congress and the senate on creating a new level of government between the US and the EU. We have enemies within all around us at every level. By 2015, the TPN is supposed to be announced and made official, a partnership deal between the NAFTA US and the EU. Kissing yet more US jobs goodby.

You have to remember the 21 Protocols of World Domination, everything must be kept secret until it is to late. Agenda 21 all looks very harmless at the start. The EU looked very harmless at the start. None of it is harmless. Once you open the door, you have set a precedence. One that you will not walk away from later.

We will address more of Agenda 21 again soon. In the meanwhile, just keep telling yourself that all this is just fake and it could never happen here.

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