Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pocahontas And Jamestown Alternative Historical Views

Here is an interesting video also found on You Tube that has a different take on early English history. Unless you have documents in front of you that are authenticated as original of the period, who can actually say what is true? We ran into a great deal of difficulty when just drafting our brief history of Gloucester. There are conflicts all over and a multitude of alternative stories to the one's we have been taught in school. It is not to suggest that the information in the above video is not correct, it was obviously well researched and produced. It also makes a lot of sense and does not fit into our own history books teachings. If there is anything we have learned in life, everything is subject to interpretation and somewhere in the middle the truth of one person lies but proves to be the lies of another.

It was all the conflicts that we found while doing our tiny piece that has prompted us to further investigate Gloucester history and present as much information as possible about it. We have also found that sites that once existed and was a part of our research are no longer active and have been abandoned. If we are able to, we will pick up those areas and create new sites and tie them together.

Some of the major issues that we face today in our research is that Jamestown was burnt to the ground by Nathaniel Bacon, destroying valuable records. Not all of early English American history were destroyed but a great deal was. Piecing it all together has been a very difficult task at best and the task is still ongoing. What is interesting is that Jamestown was not the first settlement tried in North America. Many attempts were made and were failures, but that in itself is food for yet another article.

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