Monday, September 26, 2011

Save The Chesapeake Bay! From..... What?

Efforts to save the bay costs all of us money.
The question is, are we actually doing any good?

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

We here the banter all the time and have plenty of government interference in our lives in very seriously flawed ways in which we are all held responsible for saving the bay. Yes I said we are all held responsible and we are all forced to pay for ways that are said to save the bay. The problem is that these injuries inflicted on us have nothing to do with saving the bay whatsoever and only serve to cause potential serious health issue later on down the road. Something else we will be forced to pay for it's clean up but not until after a serious health crisis ensues. What am I referring to? The watersheds being constructed all over. Every business being put up must build a watershed so that water does not run off the property and potentially contaminate the bay. What a seriously flawed plan that is. You are actually being blamed for nature.

How dare you be born and live on the earth you dirty rotten piece of filth you. It is you that is contaminating the bay just by being alive. A government run amok that very often accuses it's citizens for the ravages of nature or the destruction of corporations on the planet is a well thought out and played plan used against the people all the time. But getting back to the serious flaw of the watersheds is the fact that these watersheds are breeding grounds for bacteria, the kind that cause dysentery and potential death should we try to drink that water. That isn't the worst part. It is also a breeding ground for mosquito's that could very well bring back the dreaded Yellow Fever, bring in malaria and a host of other serious life threatening diseases. What guineas came up with this idea of building watersheds all over was either incredibly nave or horribly guilty of understanding these issues all to well.

Watersheds that prevent run off from land where the bay is potentially poisoned is plain old insane. Run off from land is the least of the problems for the bay. Over a century of industrialization and modernization are more responsible for the bay's ill health than ten thousand years of water run off from the lands. All one has to do is look at the tributaries that feed the bay to see where the real problems are coming from. In today's modern technological world, this is now very easy to do. All one has to do is trace what is along the tributaries to the bay on Google Earth and one will find a plethora of industries producing everything under the sun. There are numerous nuclear power plants along the tributaries, old leather tanneries, chemical plants, and all kinds of manufacturing plants.

Let's look at a close tributary manufacturing plant's contributory impact on the bay. In West Point, Virginia along the York river is a paper manufacturer. Outside the plant are thousands of log trees that have to be chipped down to saw dust in order to create pulp for paper. The chipping of the wood creates a very acidic environment in the water that is extremely intense. Let's examine how this works. If a tree dies or gets knocked down by a storm and falls into a river, there is a slow progress in breaking down the tree into it's organic compounds and only creates a very low acidic level over a long period of time in the water. When a tree is chipped, it's compounds are released much faster and in a more concentrated form. Looked at another way, if you took a sugar cane stalk and dipped the entire stalk into a large bucket of water, only a small amount of it's sweetness would be released into the water over a period of time. The moment you grind up the sugar cane stalk into a powder, you can quickly release much higher levels of sweetness into the water at much faster rates.

The paper plant is creating very high levels of acidity in the water around the plant and that water works it's way all the way down the York river wrecking havoc all along it's path and this river is a tributary to the bay. Now in fairness to the paper plant, I want what they produce and it's products that this plant produces that many people throughout the nation use and may not even realize it. It's a trade off that is part of the process of industrialization and modernization. Yes there are trade offs that must be made. Is it possible to stop any and all organic pollution of wood chips going into the river and causing high levels of acidity on the water that destroys plant and fish life? Yes, but at a cost that no one is willing to pay. A smarter way to offset the acidic conditions the paper plant create is to lime the local area.

Now again, this is only one plant along one tributary feeding into the bay and this one is a mild case where the pollutants are organic. There are other plants along the tributaries that produce synthetic pollutants that are much more destructive. Again, all one has to do is travel along the tributaries using Google Earth to see more than you could ever handle. What you also will learn that even if you built watersheds all over the nation, you have a zero sum chance of ever stopping run off into the tributaries of the bay that have more impact on the bay than those who live along the bay. We should all be concerned? Let's look at present news that are now on the headlines. This article has been in the works for several weeks and now is the best time for us to release it as there is now a major mud problem stemming from the tributaries that are now impacting the bay and will consume the entire bay over the next few weeks.

Run off from properties all along the tributaries of the bay are causing issues that have many concerned for the bay's health. It's called nature. Yeah, let's worry about that. Let's blame all of Virginia and Maryland for the issues of nature and industrialization and modernization. Let's put the costs and blame on the citizenry of these states for the havoc nature and manufacturing plants cause. Let's blame everyone and everything else. The bay is polluted, welcome to the effects of the 19th and 20th centuries on present day life. Over fishing has been a mild contributor but not to the effects blamed. But a bad guy is always needed in every good story and you are it. Welcome to the Green World of Environmentalism. Where you are the problem. Why we are part of the Orange movement and are one hundred percent anti green. The world works from the bottom up, not the top down. You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can not fool all the people all the time. We are not fooled and will continue to blast the insanity that surrounds us. History is replete with revolutions that always start from the bottom and work their way up removing undesired leadership. The new information revolution is alive and growing.

It's time to remove the insane restrictions put upon the people whom live along the bay and it's tributaries and put the blame of it's ill's on the real areas. It's time to stop signing the songs of the Environmentalists who are the biggest environmental polluters. Go orange not green.

On a final note about the watersheds being placed and the issues of growing bacterial concerns. Won't these contaminants run down into people's own wells? If the contaminants do seep into people's well water, who is going to pay for new wells or fixing the issues? Old problems are not being solved, instead new problems and higher costs are being implemented with no answers for the coming issues and impacts of poor planning.

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