Monday, November 7, 2011

Gloucester, VA Free Stuff

We just can't seem to stop wanting to give you folks free stuff. So we have added more to this site. Free software and free videos. That's right. We are giving away free software and free videos on top of the free music every week. How can you beat free? This month we are giving away a Betty Boop cartoon and on the software side we are giving away 7-zip. We recommend you download the free 7-zip software as we will be giving away entire MP3 albums here soon.

Now to get your free video and free software, go down towards the bottom of the site and in the right hand column next to some videos, you will see the free stuff section and each one is marked for what they are. Go have a blast and tell everyone else about the free stuff we are just giving away. Scandalous isn't it?

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