Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gloucester, Virginia Swamped In Massive Bribe Scandal

As incredible as it is, we have uncovered a massive bribe scandal right here in Gloucester County. Is it happening at the county government level? The Sheriff's department? Public Works? Or is it something else? The answer is something else. We are the guilty party of this scandal. You see we are now going to bribe you to come here each and every week. How? We are going to start giving away free stuff. That's right. We are going to give away free stuff each and every week. Each week will be something new and different. Each week we will take down the old bribe and offer you a new bribe. And we are going to start bribing you right now with a free download MP3 song. Click Here to get your first weekly bribe. We know, this is scandalous.

We are putting a sidebar section in where you can pick up your weekly bribe. Each week the bribe will change and can be anything from cool software to a great video, cartoon, movie or another MP3 file.

This first bribe is some Gothic style heavy metal from a band in Germany called Chronique. The music style isn't for everyone so you just have to watch each week as we bring in new stuff to see if the bribe is for you. Enjoy.

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