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Gloucester County Forged 911 Call?

Gloucester County Forged 911 Call?

The above video has been produced mainly for the audio recording that was used in a court of law right here in Gloucester County, Virginia. This recording was both submitted and accepted as evidence. The 911 operator, one  Holly M Cohoon, even testified to it. Well if you have played this once already, did you actually hear what was being said? There are way too many issues with it to be authentic. It is our professional opinion that this is a forged recording. You may want to play this a few more times and  listen carefully to the recording.

Before we go too far, I must state that I have also altered this call in a slight way. I removed a very tiny section where the caller states her address. This was done to protect this party. Other than that, the call is exactly what was played in a local court. So let's look at some of the issues.

  1. The caller to the 911 operator goes through at least five different emotions during a brief one minute and 6 second call.  Even in a mental institution, the worst patients do not go through that many emotions in that fast a period.
  2. The 911 operator, Holly M Cohoon, tells the caller not to shoot out the door. The caller never stated she was even by a door. The 911 operator, Holly M Cohoon, does not state that once, but instead she states it multiple times so you know she isn't making a mistake.
  3. In less than 40 seconds, the 911 operator, Holly M Cohoon, breaks every form of protocol and states that there is already a sheriff's deputy outside. She does not radio for a patrol car, she does not stop the conversation to verify that there is a deputy outside. She flat out states it.

We had a 911 operator from another area analyze this call and we were told that there was no way it could possibly be authentic in their professional opinion, which matched our opinion.

Now this has everything to do with what we have been reporting about. This does tie into the reports of Gloucester County Officials ignoring our requests for information and also our report on the search warrant. This call took place on May 4th, 2010. Numerous off-duty sheriff's deputies were all over the property. What alarmed the caller to the 911 operator was The fact that an unknown male called to the defendant's telephone screaming for the defendant/occupant of this home to get out of the house immediately. The reason was never stated. (Yes, we will show that a reason was never stated in a later article). What further alarmed the defendant/occupant was that when she looked out the window, she saw an unidentified intruder beating a dog in the front yard with a metal pipe. 

The occupant of the home hung up on the unidentified caller and called 911. There was no reason whatsoever for anyone to be calling the occupant and ordering her to get out of the house.  

Now this next part is only what we have been told from a person inside the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and we have no way to prove it. In fairness, we can only report what we were told. This was a "Fun Raid," ordered by sheriff Steve Gentry. This "Fun Raid" had dual purposes. One, the occupant of this home had made a complaint about members of the Gloucester Sheriff's Office via a letter to Steve Gentry. Two, the home was within a certain demographic in that the owners/occupants were known gun owners and in an upper economic bracket.

What we were told is the "Fun Raid" was for the purpose of grabbing the guns and whatever cash and/or other valuables could be easily taken. What went wrong? First, no one expected anyone to be home in the house.  Second, because the owners/occupants own animals, Animal Control was called in to take over and legitimize the so-called "search."

Okay, in all reality, that seems pretty far fetched even for me to fully grasp. We were told by the person inside the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office that this is fairly common and the way they normally get away with it is by creating a shoot-out with whomever the target is and killing them. This particular victim lived --through a series of good luck and cooperating at the right times. Again, I have no way to verify these statements made but it does make sense as to why the search warrant is so sloppy and full of errors. It was produced during this event to cover tracks is what we believe. It would also start to explain why the 911 call, in our professional opinion, is forged.

Now if you really consider this that hard to believe, we are nowhere near the end of the story. It continues to get a lot worse and there is so much more.

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