Monday, August 13, 2012

Gloucester, VA - Project Free TV Stream Free TV Shows

The Miami Vice intertitle.
The Miami Vice intertitle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Project Free TV, watch TV shows over the Internet for free.  We just went through their website and found a huge list of TV shows on the site that will keep anyone entertained for months to come.  Everything from newer sitcoms to older TV episodes.  They have Miami Vice seasons one through five.  You have the option of watching them on-line or downloading the individual shows.  The site does not stop at just TV shows.  They also have a very large list of movies.  On the top of the list on the site right now is Battleship.  And again, you have the option to either download the video or watch it on-line.  We checked out their download software which seems decent and it's free, however we were concerned with it being ad supported.

  With ad supported software, you end up having to view ads on the Internet that could make your Internet experience a real nightmare so we did not opt to load the software onto our systems.  We have book marked the site however as the video quality is more than decent and the speed is fine.  The videos we watched did not seem jumpy as can often happen for on demand streaming.  It's not to say that all the videos will be trouble free.  They seem to have multiple feeds for videos on the site and there is a rating system as to whether or not the feeds work properly.

  We have seen a number of free streaming TV sites in the past that were more of a joke than anything else.  This one seems like it's on target though.  You can't go wrong with free however, so it's well worth a look.

CLICK HERE to go to the site and check it out yourself.

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