Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sunrise Donuts and Holly Cohoon In The News Again

This attached article to the left is reprinted under the fair use laws of the US.  It is an article from the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal from October 11th, 2012.  Just a few weeks ago.  We delayed posting a story on this so as not to interfere with the fund raising activities this was to bring about.  Now that the time has passed, we find it highly interesting that Holly would even consider something like this.  If you recall, she sent us several emails and in one of those emails she made a very strong claim that she did not like her 911 call center job at the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and was not friends with any of the employees there.  She did not attend their parties or mix with them and could not wait to get out of that place.  Well this seems like a very cozy arrangement between the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and Holly allowing one of Gloucester's deputies to raise funds at Holly's shop, Sunrise Donuts.  Is this more evidence from the girl who claims she does not lie, lying to us?  Sure looks that way.

  The more we dig on Holly's background, the more we see that nothing she seems to communicate is worth even a cent.  How is it that someone who was waiting for a loan, gets a loan and adds rooms onto a house and the house goes down in value, opens a business, and buys two very expensive vehicles?  Holly and her husband have matching his and hers Toyota Land Cruisers.  Base price?  $78,000.00 each.  We did the math on how much the shop has to make to break even.  From what we have observed, the shop comes no where close to the numbers needed to break even, let alone make a profit.

  Is the Sunrise Donuts shop a front?  If so, for who and who financed it?  This is just a very off the wall question we have been looking at since the math makes no sense.  We have no proof that the store is any kind of front.  Holly is welcome to comment on any of these articles at any time.
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