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Gloucester, VA Local Terrorist Organization Now In Place?

What is terrorism?  As defined by Yahoo Education, the meaning is defined as follows;


The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

What this clearly shows is that not only can outside forces be considered terrorist organizations, governments can also be considered terrorist in their very acts.  Is it possible that we here in the United States may be experiencing terrorism from our own governments?  That's the question we are now posing for your consideration.  What we are about to cover in this article is a story of fiction that is based on an ongoing series of highly researched facts.   We are calling this story, "Gloucester, Death County, Virginia."

  Recently everyone in Gloucester, VA has read about the murder suicide that happened in a remote part of the county.  What most people do not know is the facts behind the story.  The murder suicide is only a half truth.  The half that is true is the murder aspect of the story.  The suicide part is only a smoke screen to ward off investigations.  So who would want to ward off investigations?  The sheriff's office is investigating the story right?  Yes the sheriff's office is investigating and it's the sheriff's office that has put up the smoke screen as they do not want outside investigators moving in and potentially screwing up the scene.  

  What is it about this murder suicide that no one in the sheriff's office wants anyone to find out?  It was committed by sheriff's deputies and they murdered the couple in the house.  Now the question is why!  Well it turns out the couple were drug runners for the sheriff's office and they have not been fully up and up with the money and the shipments in and out of the area.  You see, the house the couple lived in is right on the water and has easy access to the local rivers and the Atlantic ocean.  It's one of the many gateways for moving drugs and contraband in and out of the area.

  The local paper reported that there was no forced entry into the home and that the home was locked from the inside.  Easy enough to do when you are invited into the house and you leave locking the door behind you.  Now the sheriff's office has very close ties to animal control and local animal control officers all seem to have businesses that make it very easy to destroy all evidence of criminal activity.  Examples;  Jed Stillban of Animal Control has his animal crematorium that is perfect for destroying external evidence.   Marl, (Puck) Shipey, the head of Animal Control has Puck's Carpet Cleaning, you call in Puck's Carpet Cleaning to clean up hence destroy internal evidence.  

  The county has attorney's and a fixed court system that will clean up the estate, put a series of back taxes owed on the property and eventually figure out a way to take the house through legal, yet highly questionable maneuvers so as to maintain the base for moving drugs and contraband in and out of the county.  

  Now this is only part of the story.  The county has ways of washing the money made on it's illegal drug and contraband trade.  Through a series of local business setups.  Sunwise Donuts is one of those setups used for washing and cleaning drug money.  Buy It Old, is yet another one.  Buy It Old is owned by yet another Gloucester Animal Control Officer, one Christine Tames.  The Buy It Old store is also an outlet for the county to make money on used office and school furniture instead of either dumping it or trying to sell it at auction.  Other items confiscated during local raids by the sheriff's office also make it into Buy It Old.  Any animals that are gained through raids and or murders are either brought to the Gloucester Mathews animal shelter, the Pet Mansion located by Buy It Old or taken out into the country and shot for target practice.

  Yes the local terrorist network is well set up and running right here in Gloucester County, Virginia.  Now again, the above story is fictional.  We altered names and businesses in the fictional story.  The facts follow.

The above article is from the Daily Press and is reprinted here under the terms of fair use laws of the US.  

(Note:  Look at the office furniture in the background of the above picture.  The county is overloaded with used office and school furniture from both a recent school closing and another school recently demolished. Please note, we are not saying that Buy It Used is anything less than what they claim, we are just making notes and questioning everything.)

The above article is from the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal and is about Buy It Used owned by Animal Control Officer Kristine James and her husband.  Is a live link to Carl, (Chuck) Shipley's carpet cleaning business.  It's interesting that the majority of business hours for the carpet cleaning business are about the same as when Carl is supposed to be running Animal Control in Gloucester County.  Is he doing both on county time and payroll?  Is the web site for Jeff Stillman's cremation business.  We have a witness that places Jeff Stillman as being directly involved in this business and even their Facebook page shows this.  We see this as a conflict of interest.  Also heard about Jeff Stillman is that he is often seen running his Father-in-law's store in uniform still wearing both his badge and gun.  Is he doing this while still on the clock with Gloucester Animal Control?  Does he really need to be behind a counter wearing a gun?  If so, what does that say about the area?  We have also been told that the financing for the animal crematorium came from a local developer who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.  Curious.

  Sunrise Donuts, owned by ex 911 operator Holli Cahoon.  We have been informed that the money for this operation came from an accident claim made while working for the county in the position of being a 911 operator.  The accident we were told had something to do with the chemicals used in cleaning the floors.  Was this caused by Chuck's Carpet Cleaning?  That we do not know.  Holli told us she got the money from a bank loan.  We have caught Holli telling tall tales before, is this yet another tale about the bank loan?  Anyone can spend some time around the donut shop and see that there never seems to be enough traffic going in and out of the place to justify keeping the doors open.  Plus she has employees?  Holli and her husband also added rooms onto their house and bought his and her's new vehicles that each are in the amount of around $78,000.00 new sticker price.  No bank would finance that kind of loan in the economy we have had in the past few years.

  We are not saying that any of these businesses are less than anything than honest fully up and up operations.  However, the appearance and opportunity is there for something entirely different.  Facts stated in a previous sheriff's race is that drug busts are way down in Gloucester County compared to other local, state and federal statistics.  Part of that story can be found at this link and is reported by the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal.

  Is Gloucester County the only area with these kinds of issues?  Charles City County as well as Dinwiddie County has it's share of issue coming from Animal Control officers as well.  This is a link for what is going on in Charles City County.  Animal Control officer out of control.  This link is for the Chief Animal Control officer in Dinwiddie County that has been indicted for embezzlement.  Other stories place this person as not even having been qualified for the position to begin with.  Here is what we believe the embezzlement charges  really are.  She is the one behind the horse raid in Dinwiddie back this past summer.  She worked with USERL in seizing all the horses on one farm.  USERL gets funding for large raids.  It is our opinion that she received payment from her roll in that raid and did not want to share the payment with others that she was required to share that payment with.  Since she didn't want to share, she is being taken down through the legal system.  That's our opinion and based on research.

  A few weeks ago, we did a story on how to protect yourself from animal control.  We are not the only ones who are writing such stories.  After we posted that story, we found yet another story similar in nature.  This is a link to another story that was published on the other side of the nation.  We are looking at a real epidemic on our freedoms.  Animal Control is not a rogue section of any local government.  They have to answer to people above them.  So this is well above being an animal control problem that we all face.  Anyone is a target.  Even if you have animals crossing your property, you can be made a target based on that.  Animal Planet is a culprit in the conspiracy in our opinion.  They glorify Animal Control raids throughout the nation, never showing the evil side that does exist inside this network.  This is the site where we have been posting issues with local law enforcement and many people have found it all difficult to believe if not impossible.  Do you really have to be hit on the head or become the next victim before you wake up?  Most people have to become the next victim before they understand what is really going on.

  Here is yet another question to ponder.  Positions in Animal Control anywhere in the nation are considered notoriously low paying jobs.  The same for many 911 operators.  How can people in low paying jobs possibly afford to open their own businesses?   No bank will loan you money to open a business with a low paying job in this economy.  If they did, we would have a thriving economy as everyone in a low paying job would all be opening their own businesses to support themselves properly.  So what could the attraction be for accepting and staying in a low paying job such as animal control?  Maybe the fact that a business will be financed for you to justify and expand your personal income and help wash some other income?  If the jobs are that poorly paying why not do what everyone else has to do and find a better paying job?  No, there has to be a reason for staying in a low paying job.  Again we bring up the question of how certain people in both Animal Control as well as the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office are able to live in such expensive houses and drive nice new vehicles based on the low pay that they get.  Some things are just not adding up.

  In all fairness, we are not saying that the entire county is corrupt.  It is our opinion that the majority are honest, hard working people who are very professional and very considerate in this county that we hold the highest respect for.  It is our opinion that there is a very corrupt element in the county that has rigged the system against the majority.  It is also our opinion that this is not an isolated situation but a nationwide problem.

Here is a wake up video of very serious concern.  Like we said, it's a nationwide issue.  Anyone can get nailed at any time and you have little chance of fighting back.  Your life is ruined because the criminals now wear badges and carry guns and are supported by fixed court systems.  Again, they are not all bad.  It's a minority but it's everywhere now and it is growing very rapidly.

This is the type of propaganda we are talking about regarding Animal Control glorification.  Not that this video isn't heart wrenching.  One thing we found unusual is that the officer here called the dog by name after initial treatment for dehydration.  This was an obvious hit to the owner of the dog and a message being given to that owner.  Not just blatant animal abuse.  The animal abuse is in fact disgusting, but there is more in this video than it's initial appearance.  Swaying your opinion is easy.  Digging for more answers is hard.  Go to the original source of the animal control video and see how everyone's opinions have easily been created.  No one is looking deeper into the story.  Question everything.

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