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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Codex Alimentarius Commission, Is It A Conspiracy?

English: Template for Template:Food safety
English: Template for Template:Food safety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Codex Alimentarius, often stated to be a conspiracy and the above video is a documentary on just this.  Below we present the actual Codex Alimentarius Commission Procedural Manual that few people have ever seen.

  Our objective is not to get you to believe one side or the other.  We are simply presenting the information and allowing you to start your own research and come to your own determinations.

One more short video for anyone who does not have the time to watch the longer video above.  The arguments are very interesting to say the least.  For those wondering why people all across the globe are getting fat?  Could the answers be found here?  Cancer issues?  Are the answers also found here?  Are the people in the videos just nuts and there really is nothing to their stories?  Read the Commission Procedural Manual and decide for yourself.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prisoner's of Hope - Gloucester, Virginia History

Prisoner's of Hope - Colonial Gloucester, Virginia from Chuck Thompson

Prisoner's of Hope.  This is the book mentioned in our last article.  The book is fictional based on historical facts and about life in Colonial Gloucester, Virginia.  Free downloads are available on this book from our slideshare site.

The above link is another location where you can download a PDF version of this book for free.  Just pick the free user option for the download.  It's less than one meg so it will download very fast.


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The Gloucester Virginia Conspiracy

English: "Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admi...
English: "Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley, 1639-66," oil on canvas, by the English artist Sir Peter Lely. 1270 mm x 1015 mm. Courtesy of the National Maritime Museum, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In a previous post we showed an article written by a USA Today columnist.  We questioned his understanding of the history he reported.  We promised to find the original story and we have.  Here it is below.

The Gloucester County Conspiracy, also known as the Servants' Plot or Birkenhead's Rebellion, was a plan by indentured servants to rise up against authorities in Gloucester County in 1663. Nine men—John Gunter, William Bell, Richard Darbishire, John Hayte, Thomas Jones, William Ball, William Poultney, William Bendell, and Thomas Collins—met in the woods and planned an operation whereby they would collect arms and ammunition and, with perhaps as many as thirty recruits, later march on the governor's mansion at Green Spring. There they would demand that Sir William Berkeley release them from their indentures. A servant named Birkenhead betrayed them, however, and a number were arrested and four hanged. Afterrewarding Birkenhead with his freedom and 5,000 pounds of tobacco, the General Assembly declared that the day of their planned insurrection be celebrated annually.


By the 1660s, the Virginia colony had transformed into an enormous tobacco-producing operation dependent largely on the labor of English and Irish indentured servants and, to a lesser extent, enslaved Africans and Virginia Indians. Approximately four out of five servants were men, and they suffered a high mortality rate due to disease and ill treatment. In fact, their masters' treatment of them was so poor as to provoke an aside in a 1657 act otherwise concerned with runaways by which servants were granted the right to take to the courts complaints of "harsh and bad usage, or else for want of diett or convenient necessaries."

In 1661, forty servants in York County, angered by the lack of meat in their diets, conspired to rebel rather than take their case to court. Led by a servant named Isaac Friend, they planned to use force of arms to secure their freedom, but they were betrayed and arrested. The York County Court delivered stern warnings to Friend and to his master, who was encouraged to keep closer watch on his servants. That same year the General Assembly passed two acts, one requiring better treatment of servants on their way to Virginia and the other requiring better treatment once they arrived.

Only two years later, when another conspiracy was uncovered to the north, in Gloucester County, did colonial officials became truly alarmed.
The Conspiracy

On September 1, 1663, nine indentured servants met secretly at a small house belonging to Peter Knight in the woods near Cooks Quarter in Gloucester County. After appointing William Bell and John Gunter their leaders, the men agreed to meet again at midnight the following Sunday, September 6, at a place called Poplar Spring. Each would bring what weapons he could scavenge and steal in the hope that they could eventually arm a company of thirty men. From Poplar Spring the group would then march to the home of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Willis, a member of the governor's Council, to seize arms and a much-needed drum, the group having recruited a drummer from the militia company commanded by Major John Smith, another councillor.

The servants may also have planned to raid the nearby home of the widow Katharine Cook—indeed, William Budell later testified that they had intended to "march from house to house"—but all agreed that their ultimate destination was the Green Spring mansion of Governor Sir William Berkeley. Thomas Collins told authorities that, with weapons brandished, they would make clear to Berkeley their "desire to bee released of one year of their tyme w'ch they had to serve," and, should the governor refuse, "that then they would goe forth of ye Land if they Could to an Island." Budell even implied that they might be prepared to kill Berkeley should it come to that. In any event, their plans set, the nine pledged "an oath of secresie," according to Budell, the violation of which would result in death.

The men's attempts at secrecy failed, however. A servant named Birkenhead revealed their plans to the governor, who arranged for the conspirators to be ambushed at their meeting place, a result that Berkeley later attributed to "Gods hands," which had delivered "so transcendent a favour as the preserving all we have from so utter ruin." The General Court tried the captured servants for treason, accusing them of attempting "utterly to deprive, depose, cast downe and disinherite" the governor and, further, to wage war against Virginia in an attempt to "wholy submit and distroy" the colony. According to Robert Beverley Jr., four were hanged.

The History and Present
State of Virginia

Most of what is known about the Gloucester County Conspiracy comes from a handful of primary documents and a single secondary source, The History of Virginia, written by Robert Beverley Jr. in 1705. These sources agree on some of the important dates associated with the conspiracy, but not on others. For instance, all agree that the conspirators first met secretly on Tuesday, September 1, 1663, with the intention of carrying out their insurrection the following Sunday, September 6. All sources similarly agree that the conspirators were arrested as they congregated again, but before they could carry out their plans. But these sources imply that day was September 13, not September 6. What's more confusing is that the depositions of the arrested conspirators are dated, variously, September 8, 9, and 13. One possible explanation for this discrepancy is that the plotting servants were, in fact, arrested on September 6, with their depositions taken a few days later. If that is correct, then colonial records that suggest September 13 as the date of arrest do so in error.

Gone were the days when the colonial government might merely shake its finger at a reputed rebel like Isaac Friend. Upon thwarting the Gloucester County Conspiracy, the House of Burgesses rewarded Birkenhead "his freedom and five thousand pounds of tobacco," making sure to compensate his master for the loss of his labor. The House also declared "that the thirteenth of September, the day this villanous plot should have been putt into execution, be annually kept holy."

The historian T. H. Breen has suggested that Virginia's response to the conspiracy "appears excessive unless one considers it in the context of the strained relationship between the major tobacco planters and colonial laborers." Robert Beverley's history provides another clue to the motives behind the response. He writes that the servants included "several mutinous and rebellious Oliverian soldiers," or supporters of Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil Wars. The loyal subjects of Charles II, whosefather had been beheaded by Cromwell's men, may have been wary of such an element in their midst, and the historian Anthony S. Parent gives credence to these concerns by pointing out that the servants appeared to have military training: "The plot's martial structure betrayed its New Model Army provenance: companies were formed, captains elected, drummers recruited, marching orders given, and arms and ammunition strategically collected." Although the servants' politics and training are not mentioned in any of the surviving government documents, Charles II was sufficiently alarmed, according to Beverley, to command that a fort be built at Jamestown to protect the governor. Still, Beverley reports that "the country, thinking the danger over, only raised a battery of some small pieces of cannon."

The rebels also may have included convict laborers, or criminals swept from English jails to work in Virginia. On April 20, 1670, Berkeley issued an order prohibiting the worst felons from being imported to Virginia, citing "the horror yet remaining amongst us of the barbourous designe of such villaines inSeptember 1663."

The Gloucester County Conspiracy occurred during the uneasy transition in Virginia from a reliance on indentured labor to an even greater reliance on enslaved labor. Whether the Gloucester rebels included enslaved Africans or Virginia Indians is unclear, but when authorities in Westmoreland County uncovereda planned uprising in 1687, the culprits by then were only slaves. The General Assembly responded swiftly and firmly.

In 1898 Mary Johnston wrote the romantic novel Prisoners of Hope, set in Gloucester County in 1663. The book's servant conspiracy is led by "Oliverian soldiers" and includes convicts, slaves, and Indians. The leader, a man aptly called Landless, is both an Oliverian and a convict. Echoing how historians often interpreted Bacon's Rebellion (1676–1677) as an early cry for liberty, Johnston portrays him as a proto–Founding Father.

Time Line
March 1658 - The General Assembly passes laws revising the required time of service for servants without indentures; granting servants the right to take complaints to court; and adding time to indentures, in the case of pregnancy and secret marriages, to both male and female servants.
January 24, 1661 - The testimonies of several indentured servants and one overseer are entered into the record of the York County Court. They reveal a plot in which the servants, angry about the lack of meat in their diet, planned to rebel.
September 1, 1663 - Nine indentured servants meet secretly in Gloucester County to plan an uprising. They arrange to meet the following Sunday, September 6, and march to the governor's mansion to demand their freedom.
September 6, 1663 - A group of armed indentured servants meets in Gloucester County with plans to march on the governor's mansion. The men are ambushed and arrested. Some records indicate that the arrests actually take place a week later, on September 13.
September 8–9, 1663 - A group of indentured servants, arrested in Gloucester County on charges of treason, provides testimony to the General Court about their conspiracy.
September 13, 1663 - This day is declared an annual holiday by the General Assembly, which describes it as when a "villanous plot" by armed indentured servants in Gloucester County "should have been putt into execution."
September 16, 1663 - William Berkeley and the House of Burgesses agree to reward the servant Birkenhead his freedom and five thousand pounds of tobacco for revealing a plan to rebel by servants in Gloucester County.
April 20, 1670 - Virginia governor Sir William Berkeley and the governor's Council issue an order prohibiting the importation of certain English convicts as servants. They cite the Gloucester County Conspiracy of 1663 as one reason for the action.
October 24, 1687 - Nicholas Spencer informs fellow members of the governor's Council, as well as Governor Francis Howard, baron Howard of Effingham, of a suspected slave conspiracy in Westmoreland County. Effingham creates an oyer and terminer court, with Spencer, Richard Lee II, and Isaac Allerton to serve as judges. The trial's results are unknown.
1898 - Prisoners of Hope, a romantic novel by Mary Johnston, is published. Its dramatization of a conspiracy of servants is based on the Gloucester County Conspiracy of 1663. The hero, a man aptly called Landless, is portrayed as a proto–Founding Father.

We have the book, Prisoner's of Hope in our library of ebooks and will be posting it later today.
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gloucester, VA To Get Illegal Middle School? Part 2

From what we showed in yesterday's part one post, it looks to us like we are in the midst of a real conspiracy.  In our view we have been able to show intent, implied contracts, what Virginia Code states and what the final intentions of Gloucester officials really are despite what the citizenry wants.  This is a link back to yesterday's story, part one, in case you may have missed it.

What we see is Gloucester officials going through the steps to try and keep everything looking legal and them telling everyone what they are doing is legal, but the evidence would seem to strongly suggest otherwise.  The selling of a bond has not even been approved yet to raise the money to construct a new school.  But Gloucester officials have already actively sought bids for the new construction.  According to Virginia state code, Gloucester officials can not place an order for work, even implied order which is what w see they have already done, without having the funds already in place.

  The Virginia codes are posted in part one of this story.  How many times have we shown on this site that Gloucester officials do not follow the rules?  How many times?

Oath of Office;

We gave everyone the tools to fight back from this holdup.  It's the Oath of Office that each government official must take before they are allowed to conduct even one piece of business.  If the Oath of Office is in violation, then each official can be held accountable for their actions outside of government protection.  That means any and all financial costs and responsibilities fall on each individual official and they must pay those costs and damages out of their own pockets and do not qualify for government protection in the courts.

This also means that all contracts are null and void and can not fall back on the citizens of Gloucester County, but instead fall on each Gloucester official involved.  In yesterday's post we linked one of Gloucester's own videos, a propaganda piece in our view, that shows that Gloucester officials are growing local government at a very alarming rate.  This of course means higher taxes for everyone to support this growth.  It also shows their own double speak.  Re constructing one school they said we do not need all the while building another one they say we need.

Every area of that says higher taxes for each Gloucester citizen and it also says you have no voice in your own government.  It states government by the people for the government and special interests and to hell with the people.

It's a violation of everything America stands for and is more of what America is becoming, but only if you let it.  Every fight is important when it's a fight for what American idealism truly stands for.

We have put the fight into a blue print form.  Now we know that the blue print form above is not one you would want to print out to use in a fight, so we have created a print version as well.

We have also created download links for both of these.  Link to the blue print version  Link to the print version of the blue print.

Now we are not attorney's and none of this should be considered legal advice, only a competent attorney can legally advice you on these matters.  We are simply presenting our own research and arguing against what we believe to be a conspiracy against the citizenry of Gloucester, Virginia.

What else can you do?  Show up at the public hearing on August 6th, 2013 at the Gloucester Courthouse and argue against the officials and their plans, armed with the right information.  You can also email all of the officials letting them know you are against this plan.

You can also write to our Delegate, Keith Hodges and ask him to look at all of this. 

All email links are active.

Holly B Smith is the Commonwealth Attorney for Gloucester, however, there is no available email link for her.

Kim Driscoll is one of the legal assistants for Holly B Smith, so you could always send Kim the complaint to be forwarded to Holly.

The future belongs to all of us.  What legacy will we leave our children?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gloucester, VA's Trilateral Secret Government Now Exposed

Gloucester, VA's very own Trilateral secret government is now exposed.  This is shear conspiracy and it is now safe to say that there can now be no public trust of our county government.  It has been fully compromised by special interests.  We posted the news last night how Louise Theberge, Chairperson of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors is also a board member on the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  This is beyond a conflict of interest and now there is no way of telling just where Gloucester County government begins or where it ends.

This means that secret meetings that concern county government can and most likely are going on behind closed doors and that secret deals are being made that no one outside those rooms will ever know about.  That means full deniability exists for any accusations for wrong doing can be made because there is no way to prove it because those meetings were closed.

  This means that Gloucester's own special interests now control your tax dollars and can use it to enrich themselves.  There is no way to tell just how many county officials have been compromised.  We know that several board members have as well as numerous officials just based on the video clip we posted last night.

  Expect full deniability that any kind of wrong doing is going on. Expect only a positive spin to be created around this if they ever even bother to discuss it.  No one is going to shoot themselves or each other in the head.  You won't read about this in the local paper either as we would highly suggest that they are part of the partnership.  You have to control the local media to stay out of the lime light and to also create positive news stories around it all.

  This also means that you have no chance of getting anything put through the county that the Trilateralist's do not approve of.  There is no way of knowing then who really controls the government in the county other than special interests.

  Could it be that the reason for the new proposed water and sewage fees that the county wants passed against the citizens to free up the general fund is so that the general fund will have more money to be raided by the special interests?  It's a fair question at this point.  The special interests are composed of a local well know construction company, well known lawyers, and well known suppliers.

  Lets meet the Trilateral Secret Government Again.  At the top of the snake is the Cook Foundation.  Next is the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  Third in line is the Gloucester Main Street Association.  That is the peeking order.  Again we have to ask, what is the purpose of three non profit groups all getting involved in promoting anything in the county if there is no money involved in it?  There has to be a profit motive.  Why would any private non profit entity want to promote bringing in new business into the county unless there was money to be made from doing so?

  There is money to be made from doing so and that is by taking over sections of the local government and playing a third party roll in all of it.  Setting up secret sweetheart deals that provide kickback donations?  You really need to look at the web sites of these entities and read between the lines.  In general, they are not at all logical.

Here are the links;  The Cook Foundation  Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust  Gloucester Main Street Association

  The Gloucester Main Street Association still has facts about Gloucester County that are wrong on their site.  Gloucester is not the Daffodil Capital of the world.  Never has been and is not likely to ever be.  Yet somehow the county has managed to steal the name as a title only.  Holland is the world's largest producer of the bulbs and England is the world's largest producer of cut Daffodils as well as using Daffodils for making medicine.  Gloucester County is also not Virginia's oldest living village.  Gloucester is an offspring of York County.  So Gloucester is older how?  But then again these people make up their own rules, their own laws and whatever else benefits them even when they violate state laws.

  They are more than happy to make up ways to prosecute you when they are the ones who should be prosecuted.  We don't make this stuff up.  It's all there right in front of you.  Watch their videos and read who is on certain boards.  It''s as plain as the nose on your face that you do not see until you look in the mirror.

  These people think they have a right to do this and that you are nothing more than cattle.  Welcome to the real world.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gloucester Court And Attorney's Collude In Conspiracy

Gloucester Court And Attorney's Collude In Conspiracy

As we see from the presentation above, Judge Shaw, Monique Donner, Esq, Edwin Wilmot, Esq, and local attorney Michael T Soberick were all involved in the above. Each one of these people had a legal obligation to throw this case out before it even went into the courtroom. To allow this case to have been argued in the slightest is a complete disregard for the law and is a mockery of the judicial system.
These people have made up their own laws outside of actual law. Your hard earned tax dollars paid for this mockery. As we pointed out before, Judge Shaw and Michael T Soberick were once law partners. It was more than an observation that we pointed this out in the past.

This is shear collusion with the intent to defraud. Michael T Soberick took money from the victim in this case and then proceeded to feed her to the wolves. He did not represent his client, he betrayed his client. Monique Donner, Esq, Edwin Wilmot, Esq, both for Gloucester County and Michael T Soberick covered up what they knew were fraudulent recordings and evidence along with a fake search warrant, they helped each other out in this courtroom to hang the victim. There is a lot more in the court transcripts that we will continue to publish that prove this point. All of these people still have their jobs. Does that worry you? It worries us. Also, to date we have not heard a single word from even one of the Gloucester Board of Supervisors on any of this. That too worries us. So now we have to move above them in order that proper investigations and action take place.

See the entire story here.

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