Monday, April 1, 2013

Are Louise Theberge And Other Gloucester Officials Being Blackmailed?

Are Louise Theberge and other Gloucester County government officials being blackmailed?  It's a fair question at this point.  As we have pointed out on this site., Louise Theberge is not only the chair person of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, she is also on the board of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.

  Hilton Snowdon is the Director of Tourism for Gloucester County as well as on the Board of the Gloucester Main Street Association.  Both of these are serious conflicts of interest.  So we are wondering why these two people as well as others under county employment, who are now deeply embedded with these organizations would even risk getting into the middle of such serious conflicts of interests.  One reason we came up with and are now asking is are these government officials being blackmailed into these outside positions?  Are they being bribed to be a part of these conflicts?  Is it a combination of blackmail and bribery?

  Again this is why it is very clear that the conflicts of interest are such a serious threat to the county.  No one knows why these people are doing what they are doing.  We also have no idea who is pulling the strings behind all of this.  These are such clear violations to the public trust that there can not be any public trust with these officials anymore in our view.

  Of further interest, Louise Theberge had announced earlier this year that she was not going to run for another term.  Then she changed her mind and decided she is going to run for yet another term on the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors.  Was she told that she had to run again in order to ensure that certain deals go through?  Blackmailed into running again or perhaps bribed into running again or even both?  Again, these are fair questions in light of the circumstances.

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