Friday, December 6, 2013

If You Do Not See Merry Christmas In The Window, Just Walk On By

We were sent this video and we could not agree more.  This holiday season where everyone is scrambling for that all mighty dollar is for one reason and one reason only.  Christmas, where Christians celebrate the birth of Christ.  For anyone who has issues with this, sorry about your bad luck.

  We can destroy the holiday but at the same time we highly recommend destroying the entire retail industry as well.  Close all the retail stores and all the factories that make the stuff to go in them.  Shut down all the jobs associated with it all.  We can go back to planting and making our own goods.

  Anyone ever see Holiday trees for sale at any other holiday other than Christmas?  I want a holiday tree for the 4th of July but no one sells them.  Why is that?  I also want a holiday tree for Flag day, but again, no one sells them.  So what the heck is a holiday tree then?  Ever try to buy a Veteran's day ornament to hang on your holiday tree?  Why can't I buy holiday lights during the summer?  Let's face it, there is no separation between church and state.  That is an illusion.  Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are religious holidays and have been recognized as such for hundreds of years in this country.  There is no reason to ever bow down to a minority terrorist group that does not like our holidays.  They sure like our money.  Maybe it's time to stop giving it to them.  Defund the terrorists who keep trying to steal our rights.
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