Monday, December 30, 2013

Let's Talk Bitcoin Podcasts, Information You Need To Understand

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Because Bitcoin is the single largest news story of our times, we are going to educate everyone to the best way we can.  We are digging through all the information out there and bringing our findings to you.  Above is over 11 hours of podcasts on Bitcoin that brings you very indepth knowledge of the coming future wave.

  You can download each episode individually to play at a later time and keep it in your library for future reference.  We are going to continue to show where we are in the world with our present banking system and what the future looks like if we continue to go along that path, or what the future can look like if we decide to take more control of our future with concepts such as Bitcoin.  

  We think it has become very clear based on reports here for the past few days, if we continue down present paths with our present banking system, we are all in very serious trouble.  If we decide to take more control over our future, we have some serious hurdles to get through, but the end rewards for everyone makes the most sense.
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