Thursday, January 2, 2014

Buck Sexton Show, 12/28/13 Podcast Conservative Radio Show

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We played some of the radio show to get a feel for the Buck Sexton Show.  Aired out of New York, Buck Sexton seems to be a new up and commer.  We are presenting his show here but do not particularly agree with his views.  In fact, we find some of them are not in the least bit conservative but instead are just the puppet antics of what those who pay him, want him to say and are not at all economically sound concepts.  So we peg him up there with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who really do not represent what they claim to represent.

  Allows us to qualify the statements.  In this radio broadcast, Buck states that it's a conservative move to start cutting funding to retired military.  People who have spent a great deal of their lives protecting this country and have earned the retirement pay.  What exactly is conservative about that?  Let's go further.  Buck also sees fit to say that funding also needs to be cut in the area of benefits to the poor.  Let's see, good paying jobs have been shifted overseas and low grade illegal immigrant labor has been flooded into this country taking lower paying jobs forcing middle America into poverty by no fault of their own.  Basic needs for daily living such as SNAP is now relied on more than ever by middle America.  It's a conservative move to cut SNAP in light of what has been done to middle America?

  This isn't conservatism folks.  It's anarchism dressed to look or sound like conservatism.  It's why the left beats up the right.  The left has nothing on the right as they are just as anarchistic, only they use different methods.  It's how the fight continues.  There is nothing sound about either side or either fight.  They just sucker you in to their anarchistic world.  You get divided by playing the fight.  Read the paper everyday and see how many suckers are writing into the paper arguing their anarchistic views they learned by playing this game.  We opted out a long time ago knowing it's a suckers game.  Now we just show the absurdity of it all.  You can not fight anarchy with more anarchy.  But that is what both the left and the right do everyday.

  Remember, it's always easy to claim you were right when you are arguing anarchy with anarchy.  This is why they get paid the big money.
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