Monday, January 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA Public Schools 10 Years Ago, The Story Of The "Kiser"

Just recently the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal ran an historical piece on Gloucester Public schools and it features information about school Superintendent, Ben Kiser.

  The story reads a little something like this.  "10 Years Ago, Thursday, January 15th, 2004.  Gloucester County School Board heard Tuesday that several administrators will be hitting the road to search for candidates to fill personnel openings.  The "Kiser", Public School division superintendent stated he was dedicated to having only the best teachers in Gloucester classrooms.

  Here we are 10 years later, saddled in an extra 26 million plus dollars in direct interest bearing debt thanks in great part to the "Kiser" and we have a high school that is about to fail accreditation and the "Kiser" is retiring.  A failed mission, failed policies and failures to our youth and the community that made the serious mistake in investing in the guy from our viewpoint.  He has a great shot at being the next governor with that kind of track record.

Just a note to the "Kiser", thanks for nothing.
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