Friday, June 27, 2014

Duke Energy Approves 80 MW Solar Farm in North Carolina

Have a sunny day!
Have a sunny day! (Photo credit: Activ Solar)

An Asheville, NC based solar farm developer, Innovative Solar Systems has just recently received approvals by Duke Energy for an 80MW solar farm project in NC.

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June 26, 2014
Innovative Solar 37, LLC is an 80MW solar farm project that will be located in the middle of the state to be built on approximately five hundred acres of leased land and will supply enough electricity to power approximately 20,000 small to medium size homes. The CEO of Innovative Solar Systems, John Green states that this is the largest solar farm approved to be built to date in the state of North Carolina. This project is a ground mounted type solar farm system and will employ roughly 300,000 solar photovoltaic panels and eighty inverters that will feed the energy to the Duke grid.
Innovative Solar Systems has been a pioneer in the field of large scale solar farms in NC with almost 1GW of projects to be built out in 2014 through 2015. Many of the company’s large portfolio consist of 35MW to 80MW size projects. Investors have an affinity for these larger projects states Green of ISS as both hard and soft costs are reduced by economy of scale when building large projects. These larger type solar farm projects are much harder projects to develop as the approval process is longer, more tedious and requirements are usually more strict due to size and complexity of the projects.
ISS has a proven track record developing large scale solar farm projects and has many strategic relationships with credit worthy utility companies like Duke Energy. Investors and buyers of solar farm projects have come to appreciate the efforts of ISS and many in the industry believe the company offers the gold standard where bankable solar farm deals are concerned. The managing partners at ISS state that the company is excited to finish up the projects in NC as the company has already moved development operations into five other key states that offer clients great solar projects with solid returns. To learn more about this North Carolina solar farm project or for investor relations please call (828)-215-9064.

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