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Unleashing Histories Mysteries, Part 3, Christopher Columbus, Sub Part A

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English: Christopher Columbus  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note the hand sign in the painting above.
Check the information on this.

Above is an animated cartoon that pretty well goes over the typical story of Christopher Columbus that the majority of us here in the United States have been taught.  Pretty simple and basic.  How accurate is it all?  Well, there is without question a lot missing from the above video and it has in fact been simplified for the average person to at least have the basic information.

  In the past, Columbus held hero status, today, he is viewed more as a villein.

The guy in the above video has some good points but he was very weak on his real knowledge of who and or what surrounds Christopher Columbus.  This is where history really starts to get interesting.  What was Christopher Columbus really searching for?  Was he really looking for a shortcut route to the Indies?  Was he really looking for nothing more than a trade route?  That is what history teaches us.  But on digging through very deeply into the history, I would say, that these are only surface arguments that are not in the least bit reality.

  Let's explore some more.

The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503, Free eBook from Chuck Thompson

In the above eBook, there are some great tidbits of information gleaned that I would suggest shed some light on an area that I contend is the real objective behind Christopher Columbus voyage.  We are going to be spending a good deal of time both here and switching back to some past history as it all ties in with history we will be going into.

  My contention is this.  In part 2, we saw that the Knights Templar treasures disappeared when the Templar's were dissolved and eliminated.  There is contention that it's very possible those treasures went somewhere to the Americas.  What I am going to show through a series of books and videos here is that what Christopher Columbus was really after was the Knights Templar treasure.  Some will scoff at this until we get through all the evidence while others, yet very few, have already figured this out, and many will now start to understand the plausibility of the concept.

  If you will actually take the time to start reading the above book, you will see the actual contracts between Columbus and Spain and also look at who created those contracts.  Those contracts were created by the Catholic Church.  It states in the contracts what Columbus gets out of the deal as well as what he is after.  A big part of what he is after are treasures of Gold and Silver.  (Knights Templar treasures?)  We would also suggest that it is very possible that the Templar's had assistance and knowledge about the Americas from what was left over of the Viking age as it is commonly called today.

  In near future series of Unleashing Histories Mysteries, we are going to solidify these concepts to as near concrete as it comes.  There are no direct connections that can be found at this time and it's possible that even though the concepts may prove very sound, no direct evidence will ever come forth to either prove or disprove the concepts.  We can only go by the best available information out there and what I have come across, I believe that most people will see the connections for what they really are.  Many of the needed documents to either prove or disprove the concepts are long gone to the ashes of history for one reason or another making actual evidence impossible to obtain.

  This also starts to clue people in as to why the native peoples of the Americas were tortured and killed?  It may be far more sinister than the claim that is was the cause of Christianity.  Well, in the future, we will also show that true Christianity had nothing at all to do with it despite the appearance.  We will point out that if Columbus was actually looking for the lost Templar treasures, torture and death was used as a means to extract information from people to reveal where those treasures may have been hidden.  Now we are starting to see some twists and turns from what you have been taught in history class.  Stay tuned as we unravel and unleash more of histories mysteries.    You can download a free copy of the above eBook from our Slideshare site.  You may have to set up a free account to do so, but you do not have to post anything on the site nor pay for the account.  Just about everyone of our books on Slideshare are available for free download.  We have hundreds of books and it grows every week.  Many of the books for future series here are on that site now.

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