Friday, January 9, 2015

The Devil And Daniel Webster

The Devil and Daniel Webster from Chuck Thompson

Now here is a short story for your consideration.  This little story gives you two very important pieces of information.  One, what it used to be like to be an American.  We no longer recognize these qualities as we have been brainwashed to think in terms of good little socialists chattel.  Very sad.  Two, what a real common law jury court looks like.

  How this relates to real solutions for today's world?  We better understand where we came from and what our real rights are as we have voluntarily given way too many of them away.  If we do not start going back to our roots, we will forever be lost and slaves to hidden masters as is the present situation.


The above video is a quick view of the story above.  It is not complete but does give you the overall basics of the concept of what our real freedoms mean.  We would love to find the full video, but imagine that it is still under copyright and also, do not imagine that those in power want you to see this.  Least you understand.

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