Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NLA Help with Foreclosures And Court Matters

Help With Abusive Courts

Our forefathers fought a battle to create a free society.  For more than 100 years it has slowly been taken away from "WE THE PEOPLE" and taken over by we the few who tell you what you may or may not do.

The NLA says it is willing to try and help you with your court battle by filing a Habeas Corpus on your behalf.  Here is part of the story from their website as well as a link at the end.

ABUSED and TRAPPED in any of the following courts?! We may be able to help by filing a HABEAS CORPUS in an endeavor to remove you from the Courts of the Tyrants to a COMMON LAW COURT of JUSTICE. This should shut down the unlawful court system you have been trapped in. You must understand that this is an "UP-HILL battle and we have had only minimum success but you can use this documented notifications to hold all parties involved liable once we suceed in turing our courts back to common law courts.
We are a proactive group with thousands of members in all fifty (50) States. Before proceeding further you should first understand who we are and our plan is to save America. Read our front page, watch the videos. If you would like our help with a Habeas Corpus we require that you become educated. Therefore start the process by doing the following:

To know what the following steps are you need to take, please visit their website here.

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