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Incomprehensible Collectivist Mindsets Always Leads To Corruption

The incomprehensible collectivist mindset always leads to corruption.  Now, before we begin, we need to establish some basic facts.  The United States of America is not a capitalistic country by any means.  It is a socialist nation with near zero capitalism left to be found anywhere.  I can already hear the screams, but the facts are very clear on this.  Giant multi national corporations.  Who can compete against them?  Only other giant multi nationals.  You and I can not do it.  At best, all we can do is carry goods or provide services that the multi nationals deem unpopular or unfit for their venues.  Try and carry what they do and you can not get it at the prices they can.  That means you have to sell at much higher prices.  That folks is not capitalism.  That is control.

  In fact, socialism is the best friend to multi nationals for a number of reasons.  To begin with, multi nationals like everything from their layouts to their store fronts must be very consistent for quality purposes as well as for cost effectiveness,  A uniform look from one store to the next makes it easier for the consumer to find goods and or services.  These areas make sense.  Operations are consistent from one location to the next allowing for a very deploy-able national and or international work force.  Departments are broken down to very specific jobs and duties as well as basic pays.   Multi nationals determine how each department's work assignments are allocated and these are consistent in all locations.  Yes, that is efficiency.  However, there is usually little to no room for innovation and better ideas that could prove to increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and or increase sales and or improve safety.  The system is usually locked to these ideas.  In fact, anyone who considers themselves free thinkers are usually viewed as rogue mavericks that are despised and disruptive to the cohesiveness of the structure.

  The low level worker is gutted down to a mere drone worker bee with very poor pay and limited opportunities.  At the other end of the spectrum is the head drone overseer or general manager of the local hive charged with making sure the worker bees get everything done in a timely manner with little to no incident.  These overseers are usually paid a fair to decent living wage depending on the size of the hive workplace.  Again, even these folks have limited to almost no opportunities for advancement unless a higher up worker drone dies or becomes incapacitated or falls out of favor with the master drone bee keepers.  Innovation is highly limited at all levels and must be justified and quantified for approval, many times by those with little or no clue as to how the real world will perceive the end results.

  Innovation today is a rare commodity thanks to the collectivist mindset.  Innovation is also very expensive today thanks to the collectivist tax structure where everyone and everything is taxed to the hilt and government keeps seeking more ways to grab more money for whatever reason they care to justify.  This is the communist utopia?  The left believes that a private entity does not have the right to make money on any endeavor and that government should control all aspects of life and work.  The right, not a capitalistic right, but a collectivist right, believes that corporations do have a right to make money and have influence over government.  The left wants government to control all capital and entity's private and or public.

  What is called right wing today is bullied by the left as Nazi fascists, and they are correct based on an understanding of the above.  The Nazi socialists believed that corporations did have a right to make and control certain aspects of money.  But there was little to no room at all for the capitalist at any level.  The collectivist mindset is destructive to most forms of innovation and buries as much innovation as possible through the use of taxes and restrictive regulations.  Only the rich few may innovate and that is also highly controlled.

  So you think capitalism still exists in the United States?  Can someone please show me where?  When was the last time you tried to price shop a TV?  I mean take the actual model number of a TV and check from one store to the next and try and get a comparison price?  You can't.  A trick has been played on everyone that few have actually ever caught.  Try and find 50 TV's in the US with the same model number and same size.  You can't.  Donald Trump tried to do just that.  He wanted 50 TV's of the same exact model and size for one of his corporate projects.  He contacted every retailer and wholesaler in the nation and not one could do it.  He had to buy all 50 TV's from the source of manufacture to get 50 of the same TV's.  From one Wal Mart to the next, they do not carry the same models in any of their stores.  Price shopping no longer exists.  The only time this game does not apply in the electronics field is in the mass sold game systems.  Sony, Microsoft Xbox and so on are the same price no matter where you buy them new.  There are no deviations unless you are buying in a large city from a questionable small retailer where the merchandise may just be a bit on the warm side.

  So much for competition.  Ever try and start a business in the US?  You have to go through zoning, apply for a license and all sorts of other crap.  Wait, I thought starting a business was a right?  Why are there so many fees for something you already have a right to?  Or has your right been taken away and now made into a privilege for which you must now pay a fee for.  Not Constitutionally legal by the way.  The government does not have a right to take away your rights and turn it into a privilege and charge you a fee for that.  But did you know that and are you willing to fight government for your rights all the while risking not being able to take advantage of a good business idea?

  Capitalism was removed from the public starting back in 1913 with the introduction of the Federal Reserve.  Neither part of the Federal government and there is no reserve anywhere.  By 1932 the Federal Reserve was a major factor if not the only factor in the complete destruction of capitalism in the US when the US was forced into declaring bankruptcy in the world court.

  Okay, I hear you.  You have never heard of nor do you wish to believe the US has ever been bankrupt.  Well here you go, a 1932 Congressional report that proves that the US did in fact declare bankruptcy, but we have also been in bankruptcy ever since and despite the fact you think you own anything, you own nothing.  You have partnership rights with the US government and or state government that controls all the final rights on all property in the US and held for the bankruptcy courts.


Mar 9, 1933 Congressional Record h.r. 1491 bottom pg 75 then McFadden pg 80 from Chuck Thompson

Okay, you are going to have to read this congressional report to find the fact that the US was in fact declared bankrupt and went into international court over such.  It's all above and a matter of public record.  You just never heard about this.  Now Senate document #43, Senate Resolution No 62, (Page 9 paragraph 2), April 17th, 1933, "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State, individual ownership is only by virtue of Government and must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State".  As already stated, you do not own anything, you have user rights only, the state is the ultimate owner of everything.  But, this is a violation of the Constitution, provided you think that still applies.

  The IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve, again not part of the United States Government, and yes, I have the congressional record on that as well.  There is only so much space on here.  Your Federal tax dollars do not fund the Federal Government, it funds the debt on the funny money the Federal Reserve prints for the Federal Government on contract.  The Federal government works on credit granted to it from the Federal Reserve.  Your children's children's children's future was already spent ages ago.  The reason the Federal Government keeps taking things such as the social security fund and robbing all the funds out of that was to use money that did not have fees attached to it already or had lower fees for payback that can not ever be paid back,.  So yes, we have all been robbed and there is no chance whatsoever of ever getting any of it back.

  It was not actually yours to begin with despite whatever you were told.  The government is bankrupt remember?  The reason why so many rights have been converted to privileges and you are charged a fee for it is because even the State government is broke thanks to the Federal government.  Judges will never discuss these issues with you, many today do not even know it.  They are all expected to uphold robbing you and charging you insane fees for not following the directives that violate your rights because we are broke and you and everyone else here is owned by some foreign power.

  Now, this is the type of information that can cause a revolution as these truths have purposely been withheld from the masses.  If it were to get out, well I already know the results.  That is also why I know this article will be suppressed in the search engines and may even get taken down for whatever reason.  It is much safer to sell everyone on the concept of communism or socialism where the state is the owner of everything, which they already are because it's all held as collateral for our bankruptcy.

 We are not the only country this has happened to.  This also happened to England, Germany, and many other countries all at the same time and none of them are out of the bankruptcy either.  Canada has also been ruined this same way but I have not yet found where they were forced into an International bankruptcy court.

  Now, let's take a look at countries such as China, Russia, Cuba and certain South American countries where communism is stated as the rule of government.  Corruption is rampant in those societies as it is here as well, because in order for people to survive and have a little something, theft is required because the government takes the majority of everything and in the countries where communism is the stated rule of government, no one has any form of property rights and government can come and take whatever it wants at anytime.  What we have had here in the US is really consumer communism.  Looks something like capitalism, but it's not.  Price controls are not a capitalistic ideal.

  Ever wonder why the police keep getting more confiscation rights to property here in this country?  They understand that we here in the US really do not have property rights, only user rights.  The state is the major holder of all property.  You have to pay for user rights.  One can just about justify criminal activity under these conditions.  The question really does become, what is theft then?  Because somewhere along the lines, all of our rights and property has been stolen from us by a very elite few whom we are now controlled by.  The question is why do we allow this?  Because most do not know this and it is kept hidden from you despite the fact it is a matter of public record.  But you have to know where the needle in the haystack is.

Federal Reserve Act of1913 from Chuck Thompson

Above is the congressional report from 1913 showing the federal reserve act and how it is a private entity.  And everyone thought that was just a conspiracy theory.  No reason to make this stuff up when you can show the truth about it.  Again, it's public record folks.  It's just not what you are ever taught in any schools.  You are kept dumbed down for a reason.  Now if you ever understood how money really works and what your taxes are actually paying for, you would be getting your guns out.

  The American revolution started on issues much smaller than what we face today.  Again this is in most countries around the world.  Anyone want to know the real reason we are in the middle east fighting?  It's not oil.  It's for putting a Federal Reserve type banking system into each of those countries where they do not have them in place.  That's what all the wars are truly about.  It's not about freedom and it's not about religion per say.  It's about legalizing theft of those entire countries by the puppet masters.  Propaganda is very powerful stuff because everyone actually buys the main stream media stories.  The conspiracy theories are mostly wrong.  Those countries are trying to stop the theft of their freedoms and property.  They know what is really going on and we are the puppets being used to perpetrate that theft.

  I support our troops, but not their missions.  Our troops are under false information as to why they are there.

  Now here is why religion, especially Christianity is such a threat to the collective mindset.  Under collectivism, everyone is subservient.  When you study Christianity, no one is subservient, ever.  You may be made a slave, but that does not make you subservient and Christianity teaches you how to claim your individuality and certain freedoms even as a slave.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't.  Christianity shows you that you are still equal to your master.  That does not work well for the collectivist mindset where you must be controlled.  The sectors where many people believe are Christian sects, such as Mormon's and Catholics, these are not true Christian religions and subservient practices are taught against the true Christian teachings and why there have been centuries of fighting in Ireland between Protestant's and Catholics.  Catholics and Mormon's incorporate a lot of Pagan rites, rituals and teachings mixed into areas of the Christian faith.

  I was raised Catholic and struggled with it until I was of legal age.  Then I ran from it as fast as I could.  It never felt right to say the very least.  Many Muslim teachings, and they share this fact freely, you are subservient.  The Muslim religion is a better choice for those who are truly in control as they have a built in war against true Christians.  If the puppet masters can ever destroy Christianity, then the Muslim religion will eventually also be destroyed at a later date.  Christianity is the biggest blockade against the collectivist mindset.  Catholics though are welcome due to their subservient teachings.

  If the world is left with religion, it will most likely be either the Muslim or the Catholic religion.  That is the end game plan.  You will be told what to think, how to act, where to live, what work, if any you will do, who to fight, how to fight anyone who does not believe what the official line is and how to turn those people in for retraining or death who do not follow the official line.

  It now takes 2 people working full time with one or both working another part time job, to try and keep up with all the bills.  You have no time for political nonsense that is very dirty and or corrupt.  Let someone else figure that out.  People have little free time anymore and the constant rush is ingrained in most now.  Free down time feels unnatural.  The facts are above mixed with other research for making conclusions here in this article.  You may have different views and can even call me nuts despite the facts because it does not match the official propaganda you have been taught.  You are free to buy the official propaganda and ignore anything not in the mainstream that is designed to keep you away from the facts.  It's up to you.  I am only trying to present what I have learned over the years and what my views are based on the facts.  The facts themselves can not be denied the conclusions can be argued.

  We can only try and figure out how to protect ourselves when we know what the real facts facing us are.  

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