Friday, October 6, 2017

The Black Budget And Gloucester, Virginia

Please take the time to watch this video.  It will give you the proper background for you to better understand the rest of the story I am about to present here. 

  What a strange ride the video is.  But, can it possibly be true?  One has to look at the backgrounds of those reporting on this subject.  One area of talks is trillions of dollars that the government is missing and can not account for, and this is all verifiable.  More keeps turning up missing every day.  How can this be?  Is it really happening?  Well, let me tell you of a recent story that is going on here in Gloucester and some very strange events.  I can not say this is a Black Budget situation, but it smells like it very well could be.

  SNAP.  Food benefits for those with incomes below a certain national average.  It starts from the Federal Government and is handled in each state by the state government and filters down to each locality.  So, many working families do get assistance for food if they qualify.  It's not a handout to those who are not willing to work only like so many people believe it is.  It is much needed by many as there are not that many good jobs left in this country. 

  Recently a family on SNAP had their benefits date altered and were not notified of this change.  Benefits were expected on the 1st of the month like they have always been but in September, those benefits were not there.  When the family inquired as to what was going on, they were told that because of the case number of that family fell on a certain number which meant that they were now scheduled for a new benefits date to begin on the 7th of each month. 

  Okay, no big deal except the family never received the notice.  I was informed of this and asked if SNAP was going to compensate the family for the week they were not receiving the usual benefits.  Answer?  They didn't really know.  In the past SNAP or Social Services did compensate for missing weeks.  So, I checked into the matter for them with a number of politicians I know and a few I have corresponded with in the past.  Here is what I learned.  From Social Services, the dates had to be offset as the food retailers gathered together and complained to our government that having benefits all start on the first of the month, the retailers could not properly manage the demand.  Rightfully so.  So the retailers asked for benefits to be staggered.  Rightfully so. 

  What I was looking at however, in the past Social Services compensated for any potential lost benefits in the past.  This time they are not.  Money is pooling somewhere on all of this.  The one family alone lost $125.00 for one week of lost benefits.  They were not complaining, but I wanted to know where that money is going.  $125.00 for one family.  This is happening to maybe one million families in this state alone.  If the average loss here is say $75.00 per family times 1 million families in the state of Virginia alone, that is a lot of money.  My first thought was this is all happening real close to election time.  Could someone be putting that money aside to try and rig the upcoming elections at the state level?  Stranger things have already happened folks.

  Interesting news.  I get a call from one the the aids of one of our state representatives.  He has been stonewalled looking into this matter.  I have even sent inquires as high as Congressman Rob Wittman's office.  As of yet, no response from his office.  I just recently stumbled across the above video, looking at the people and credentials of these folks, I am seeing that there just might be something to this Black Budget despite it's insane underlying nature.  Maybe it's not all that far fetched.  There is a comment at the end of this video I really liked.  If you do not think conspiracies are real, try getting involved in one and see if you can disprove it first.  You may just learn more than you ever knew existed.  Yes, we are often considered a conspiracy theory site.  That is because conspiracies seem to actually exist everywhere.  Some are frosted with stupidity or some insanity, but there is usually still a good level of truth in most all of the far fetched conspiracies that you hear about. 

  So again, I can not say that state SNAP money that is not being accounted for is going to this Black Budget concept.  I can't say it isn't since those actually digging are getting stonewalled in their investigation.  You have to determine for yourself and do some research on your own and make up your own mind. 

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