Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Violet’s Rant; Brainwashing Your Rights Away

Welcome to the "Mansonian Era". That's right, you heard it here first. Now, I realize the pimple poppers have no clue what that means but I know there are an older generation who know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who do ...

Bear with me and let me take a minute to explain to the helplessly uneducated. Don’t blame them, they had teachers who told them they shouldn't eat meat because it killed animals and that they should concentrate more on the ozone than the security of their country. They have no idea that their troubles are much greater than what color the grass is or their skin for that matter. Yup, they've had their heads placed in the clouds and they can’t see the sky for the puffy stuff in their heads.

On August 19th, 1969. Sharon Tate was killed by a group of brain washed followers of a man named Charles Manson. Sharon was a rising star, who ironically starred in the movie, "The Eye of the Devil" (1966) where she played a satanic role in a devil worshiping ritual. And she later starred in the very popular movie, "The Valley of the Dolls" (1967) where she chooses to kill herself due to the father of her child’s mental illness (and breast cancer which made her think her baby daddy would no longer want her)......

Sadly, she lived these terrors in real life. When a group of young adults entered her home and created a "Helter Skelter" that shocked and horrified America. But Sharon is not the subject she is the tragedy of brain washed individuals.

Manson, a young man who spent most of his young life in "Boys schools" after his mother went to prison for armed robbery, lived a life of crime, (i.e., car theft, armed robberies and various others.)

He eventually ended up on the streets of San Francisco (Imagine that) as a male prostitute and began to form a "family" of followers. Keep in mind some of these were college educated youngsters who allowed outside interference to mess their heads up with the obsession of killing because someone told them to and let's not forget the psychedelics they used, LSD, heroin, cocaine, often times combined. To make a long story short. Sharon Tate was found by her maid murdered, stabbed to death, along with the child she carried fathered by the famous producer Roman Polanski, the heiress to Folgers coffee, Abigail Fulger as well as two others, and only one survivor who was not in the home. You can do more research on the net but this isn't a book.....

It has been said that Manson had control over their minds.....he was the threat they said... the beginning of blaming someone else for one’s wrong doings. They were all convicted and justifiably so.

There...., that's an overview.

Fast forward to today's youngsters..... it's a sad fact that they are either being brainwashed that they won't survive unless they save the ozone...... whales live, the Siberian tigers live, and elephant tusks are more important than human babies’ lives. And they even offer life termination at no cost. They are being brainwashed into believing they were born without a gender and guess what? Parents who stopped guiding our children are responsible for that. They allowed Hilary’s village to raise them and never injected themselves enough to hear what was being inserted into their gullible minds. Frighteningly enough, before too long everyone will know just how detrimental that was.

Teachers and parents, aren't telling our children what price was paid for, how men sacrificed their lives.... so that they can have their freedoms to cry about anything and everything. No, they are more concerned with which bathroom to use and what gender they are.

Yes, the Mansonian Era is here folks, our young adults have been brainwashed with opinions and mind-altering drugs that make them addicts and our government is loving it. With their attention diverted on things that will not keep America safe, they can now proceed to manipulate them and eventually control them. Young people and some despicable mentors think American workers can afford the 52 trillion-dollar costs of free insurance and our economy will remain strong. A sure sign they didn't learn arithmetic; thanks to calculators in class they never figured out simple math, I guess. They don't know which bathroom to use, which certainly displays Sex- Ed failed them miserably. They use abbreviations for words, and few know how to write in cursive. There goes reading and writing out the window.... And lastly and certainly most importantly, they will soon lose the very rights that allowed them to cry for more, more more.... the democrats are slowly stealing our rights.... censoring social media, telling us our faith is all wrong and the Bible is just a book. Dispute this if you like...... but if Twitter can agree to censor our Presidents tweets, you have a big wakeup call coming if you don’t think your next. Finally, that second amendment right that is so 'scary' to the young the only thing that protects us from the bad guy.....oh...., and just in case they failed to teach you government in Class....that amendment was designed to protect you from a government take over. That’s right. You surrender that right.... you surrender all of the others, let's just call it the domino effect.

Yes people, we are now entering the Mansonian Era and if you aren't brainwashed, you're a threat.

Let that sink in.

By: Violet Holland

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