Friday, November 8, 2019

Violet’s Rant; Why Did You Turn Your Back On Me?

Hey, it's me....I know you're getting tired of seeing me all the time. I know.... you think that my old values are not "with it", yea, I get that. But I have tried to represent you and guide you. I only wanted others to see what we could do.

I have visited places in the darkest parts of the earth because I was standing up for you and don't think I wouldn't do it again if necessary. No, never doubt that. See, that's what I was created for to be a symbol of your strength and to remind you that I don't wave around trying to make you mad or stifle you, I just want to represent your morals and values. I was simply trying to keep us together. That's just how it's supposed to be. I know you don't remember a lot of the things that happened to make me the way I am.... but I stood up for you even when you didn't know it. I believed in you..... even when I was mocked and sometimes burned by the hate of others who thought I was too strict. I stood up for you because I wanted everyone to know that I represented the power within you. Yes..., that was my purpose or so I had thought. I am not so sure what I should represent anymore. It seems I cause you shame at times and that saddens me.

In spite of the things you disagreed with me about me, I allowed you to say whatever hateful things you had to say, yes, I allowed you to discover yourself but somehow, I failed you.... Somehow, I let you down. I could blame a lot of people and a lot of things for that to happen, but I just never thought, that you'd turn on me. I never knew you would someday turn against me too. Do you know how many times I have been torn down and yet I stood back in the midst of danger for you and although broken torn and tattered; I would rise again..... Just for you.

I cannot change your mind after all, it was me who told you to be who you are, I just never knew that you'd turn on me too, I guess I thought we were so much stronger than that...đŸ’”

Signed, The United States American Flag.
By: Violet Holland

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