Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Violet's Rant: Dingaling Brother's and Democrats Daily Circus

Hello Everyone and welcome to Part 5 of the Dingaling Brothers and Democrats Daily Circus. Now, smile they're on Uncandid Camera. That's right...... it's more than a lie it's a complete fiasco. Not just to the clowns grasping at straws. So far they've only pulled the short ones but also..... America is in the eyes of other countries. There has never been a trial in American history that was held to figure out what one's crime was. The Communists are enjoying it as the Americans eyes are removed from the fact that they want to take your guns and right of free speech. They talk of corruption yet hide the truths of their own family members being part of the corrupt Ukraine. They don't want to tell you about that, now do they? My only guess why they wouldn't want you to know about it is hmmmm.... They don't want you to see their own dirty hands? So, wait a minute! If John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney are involved with the corruption there in Ukraine.....well I guess it wouldn't be helpful if President Trump exposed all of that now would it?
Now, let's look at yesterday's knucklehead, you know that goof ball who demands you refer to him as Lt. Col. Fried Chickens. Yes him! Now....., let's see, he claims in depositions that he doesn't know who the whistle blower is.... and let's not forget the beetleman Shiff who doesn't either but suddenly Beetleman breaks into the time of the Republicans for questioning to stop Col. Chickens from revealing the whistle blower. Hold Everything! Now how did either know not to say the name of the whistleblower if they don't know who the whistle blower is?!?! 
Now, I am confused. Trump's corruption in the Ukraine has nothing to do with their alleged corruption but they are still seeking out what President Trump's corruption is ... Geez, that don't sound like the American way to me. But I imagine Putin is getting getting a good chuckle, eh?
Now, let's take a look at this whistleblower....all we know about him or this individual is being represented by a New York attorney named Zaid who was tweeting that the coup was about to begin....hmmm.... correct me if I am wrong but wasn't that tweet in 2017? Okay....hold on! How did Zaid know there was a whistleblower in 2017 when the call wasn't made until July 2019? I mean, that's like two years earlier, right? 
Dang Skippy! I am starting to think they think we are those uneducated robots created by liberal universities! I mean, they are the only ones I know who have been programmed to think without thinking. I don't know about you but I can think for myself and I am offended they think I am an uneducated knucklehead who believes everything I am told. Nope, and I don't think most Americans like being lied to either. 
You know, it's a sad day in this country when our leaders get to lie to us and make a mockery of the government "we the people", created long before they were born to protect us from these very tactics they are using in our White House. Very scary now isn't it?
 Now, I could go on and tell you about my feelings on the letter  that Mr Zaid sent to our Potus about him being responsible for the whistle blowers life, when it's the Clinton's friends that keep dropping like flies. Hmmm...
wait....Isn't Beetleman married to George Soros' daughter and Chelsea Clinton married to his son? And we're worried about the life of the whistleblower because of our President? Geez, I think we should ask Jeffrey Epstein....oh that's right, we can't now can we? He was number 76 of the Clinton's friends who isn't alive to tell us what they know today, unless of course we can't see the whistleblower because the sleeping guards fell asleep on him too. That would make him number 77, eh?
 All I know for sure is..... Them liberals up there in the White Tent sure are walking a tight rope and I don't think the American people are falling for it but they just might be able to take a fall from this side show if that rope snaps which it apparently looks like it's going to do. Somebody please bring in more clowns to catch them when they fall!!! Or just let them fall flat on their face. I mean, they put the rope out there now didn't they?
No, I am not going to mention that I think it's quite clear the elephants have been replaced by jack asses and nobody is interested in our millions of tax payers dollars going to the freak show. In fact we are kind of tired of. Nope, we could have helped our homeless vets with that money instead of making good people like Jon Bon Jovi bare the brunt of those expenses. Now couldn't we have? Man oh man... he said in that song a long time ago that...."I'll Be There For You" but I didn't know he was singing it to our heroes, did you? Well, I sure am grateful there are some good Democrats out there worrying about our veterans, spending his own money on good deeds, while the side show freaks in the White House spend it on a hearing they have yet to even figured out what the crime is. Don't look at me....I didn't vote for them.
 Regardless what you think....., welcome to the Dingaling Brothers and Democrats Daily Circus. Please return to work and watch CNN when you get home.... they need more of your tax dollars to continue the circus show and if you watch it first hand you might not be as entertained. There are a few more clowns waiting to perform!
And I sure wish they would stop this so Putin would get back to helping Hilary's Campaign create more bogus dossier's and hiding Ed Snowden from the Clintons so he doesn't get added to the Clinton R.I.P. list

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