Thursday, November 21, 2019

Violet's Rant: While You were Sleeping

Hey, it's me. I know you're sleeping but I have been trying to wake you. I get it, you come home from work tired and you really don't feel like listening to me but I feel like you're ignoring me. Yes, I feel like you neglect me a lot, too much really.
I know you hear me rambling on and on and you've slowly conditioned yourself to block me out. Yes, you keep assuming I am going to be here no matter what. But I keep telling you, I am leaving you and you keep thinking I won't go anywhere. I have been listening to others and the more they talk the more I keep slipping away from you. We've been through a lot together and we have fought battles and overcome them. Sometimes just barely but we did it! 
Others have envied us, they thought we had it all and we did. We were stronger than anyone we encountered. But all those secrets, deceptions and manipulations, even letting those who weren't happy for us come between us Yes, they are tearing us apart. Please wake up and listen to me! I am trying to let you know we're in trouble. Everything we worked so hard to achieve over the years is falling by the wayside. Can't you see it too? Yes, I know you are working so hard to provide for the family and I commend you for that. So many aren't doing that anymore but that's not all I need from you. No, that's not all I need, I need your attention. I need you to love me and respect me the way you used to. Like you did.... before you got too busy for me.
I am still here, I haven't left you yet but I am telling you, I am slipping away and it's hard holding on. You used to go to church and worship but then sports started taking your attention off of what was really important on Sundays. I guess you couldn't see how it had been holding us together.
I get it..... this is the twenty first century and times have changed but how much do I mean to you? How much are we worth? Please wake up! I need you to take a stand for us, I need you to work with me to save us! I can't keep fighting for us alone. While you've been out drinking, I was slipping away and you failed to see something that really affected us. I want to tell you about it before it's too late. I'd like for you to see what's been happening to me and to us. I am tired and it's unfair of you to expect me to hold us together without your help. 
Please open your eyes and listen to me! I am in danger! I am in danger of standing with you because I am fighting alone and it feels like I am standing alone anyway. Others keep saying this is all wrong and if you don't help me fight, you're going to lose me. Is that what you want? Aren't we worth more than that? Have you taken me for granted for so long that you just think I am going to be here regardless of how much you ignore me? Do you really think it's fair that I fight this battle without you? Don't you think I am getting tired too?

I get it...., you work all day.... you pay your taxes and you plan on retiring and then you'll have time to focus on this stuff but I am telling you, it may be too late for us. I need you now! I need you to stand up for me and announce we aren't going anywhere! Yes, tell them, we are strong and everything they used to envy about us, still IS. Please I need you to remove those things that are pulling us apart. I try to speak but everytime I do something stops me, and those things  that hinder me keep making it harder and harder to communicate. Can't you see what's happening to us? If you don't take time for me..., I hate to say it but you are going to lose me. We will be the laughing stock of our neighbors because they were always jealous of what we had and they wanted to see us fall apart anyway. They thought that ..... we thought we were better than them. They didn't understand we were just stronger than them. But....this is now and you're losing me.

Please wake up, our home is being invaded and I don't know how to protect us! I don't know if we will even be able to soon. Everything I have used to keep us strong is being taken from us. Doesn't it matter to you what's going to happen to our children if we don't come together? Do you think I can raise them properly without your involvement? They've been crying for your help, for your guidance and for anyone to listen to them! And you know what happens if you don't be the strong arm. You have to know that they'll look for someone else because that's just what children do.
I might ask you another time or two yes, I may ask for you to wake up again but you are not listening to me anyway and it seems the world is condemning all that we had and I can't fight this without you. Can't you see, if you don't wake up soon, when you do, I'll be gone? Try raising our children without a foundation, without values and morals, then tell me... What kind of unity will we have? What will they have?
I am so close to leaving you and yet you pleas are going unheard and slowly but surely I am slipping away from you and it will be because you chose to sleep instead of fight for me, for us. It's not too late .....yet.... But it won't be long now when you wake up and I will be gone. I will no longer stand for us because you ignored me when you had the chance to listen to me and fight for me.
In spite of this, I still try to fight but I am weak and without your support we won't make it through this. 
United we will stand, Divided We will fall. Trust me I have seen it happen to others. And I am on my way out the door...... Unless you wake up and help save us.

With Love,
The United States of America

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