Friday, April 9, 2010

Hairlines - Jennifer Rudolph Master Stylist

Jennifer Rudolph, Master Stylist has opened a new hair studio on route 17 here in Gloucester. It's called Hairlines and is located right next to Meineke. She misses her old clientèle and we promised her we would get the word out as to where she is now. So please be sure to stop by and say hello. Also, Jennifer fixes those $6.00 haircuts as well as the more expensive ones too.

New Stagecoach Market Dot Com Name

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to put a news update on here for you. The Stagecoach Market is one of the many sites I run and have developed for several years. The old domain was Well this has changed as has the site. It now has two domain names that are as follows, and or Both of these links work bringing you to the newly designed site. We still maintain the old site under the following link, so that you can always see what we have done in the past and what kind of excitement awaits you at the Stagecoach Market. See ya there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Business Signs In Gloucester County

If you ever wondered what happens to your signs here in Gloucester County, well here they are at the dump. If your signs are not in the right areas, or you do not have approval for these signs, the folks at VDOT have orders to pick them up and throw them out. You are in violation of Gloucester County Ordinances. So spending all that money on signs and just placing them where you think will be seen by the most people will not do you any good. In fact, they may eventually get you into trouble for violating county ordinances. Gloucester has very strict ordinances for a reason. No one wants to travel around and get bombarded with signs at every turn. As a business person myself, I understand the need to advertise your business. Just please go about it the right way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ghosts of Gloucester, Virginia

With a growing interest in ghosts and ghost stories, we are seeking information on Gloucester Counties most haunted sites and homes. So we are asking you for your stories and we would like to follow up with some in depth interviews and photography. If your story is really good, it will show up here on this site.

Gloucester High School Band Music Videos

On March 5th, the Gloucester High School hosted a Family Awareness program that featured a number of county services and businesses. Several bands played at the event along with the Gloucester high School band. We filmed and produced 4 videos from the show and are posting them right here for you to enjoy. We were very pleasantly surprised at just how good these young ladies and gentlemen were. We have a number of pictures and a lot of information we will be sharing soon as we process it all. So keep coming back to catch all the latest news.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chasing Arrows Playing Olivia's On The Point

Chasing Arrows will be playing at Olivia's on the Point March 19th. If you have not heard this band before, you need to check them out. They have a very clean and powerful sound that is drawing a lot of attention. In other words folks, these guys ROCK! We put their newest video on here so you can get an idea of what to come on out for. You will not be disappointed by any means. Want to hear more? Check them out on MySpace by CLICKING HERE.

What will be disappointing is if you do not take the time to check these guys out. They are from Newport News and will be doing a number of shows over the next few months here. See them while you can though, I have a funny feeling these guys are going to hit it big.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rosewell Ruins Video Tour

Here is something a bit different for you. It's a video tour of the Rosewell Ruins. This is the first one of two we are making. Enjoy.

13 Days of Glory Has A New Web Site

The guys over at 13 Days of Glory have a new web site that just went up today. You can go check it out by CLICKING HERE. Southern Metal that is tearing the houses down where ever they play. They are taking Virginia by storm. See them at the National in Richmond this Friday Night, the 19th at the National where they are the Showcase band along with Dirty Rock.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michael Jackson Signature Drive New Web Site

Michael Jackson Signature Drive Site, has just been put up. The purpose of the site is to gain electronic signatures in order to petition Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to change a California law that prevents people from being buried on their property.
Tito Jackson has already made a public announcement that the Jackson family is considering having Michael transferred to Neverland Ranch for his final burial spot as he has not been buried yet. You can see the article on this by CLICKING HERE.

The Jackson family needs to get about 500 thousand signatures in order to petition for a new law in California that would allow people to be buried on their estates if they so wish. Click Here to go to the signature petition drive and help the Jackson family get the signatures they need.