Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Bucks Fresh Pizza, York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester, VA

5 Bucks Pizza is a new restaurant in the Hayes shopping center located in the old Little Cesar's location. Not run by the same people or their old employees. The Pizza is by far better. The Pizza deal though is for a single medium cheese pizza. Add a topping and add another $1.50. They actually make the best white pizza I have had in Gloucester. The only other place that we have found that makes a really good white pizza is Sal's in Williamsburg.

When we went there and ordered some pizza's, we were told 20 minutes for the wait time. Not bad but it ended up being 25 minutes before our order was done. We ordered 2 pizzas. One white and one black olive. Well I made the mistake of not checking the order before leaving so we ended up with one white and one green pepper. So to avoid this issue for yourselves, just double check your order before you leave. In all fairness, we called them once getting home and letting them know the order was not right and they hooked us up for our next order.

I thought the prices were a little on the high side but then again, whenever I go shopping these days I keep getting sticker shocked anyway. But we were all pleased to see menu items such as Calzone's and Stromboli's, great selection of specialty pizza, hot wings and subs. They also offer delivery.

2272 York Crossing Lane
York River Crossing Shopping Center
Hayes, VA 23072

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