Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Photographers for Gloucester County, VA

Here are a number of links for photographers for weddings. Before I post the links, I'll just point out that there is a search engine at the top of this site where you can look up anything you think you might want to find around Gloucester. If I have already posted it, the search engine results will pull up that specific post for you.

1.) Elegant Touch Photography
2.) Bruce Nelson Photography
3.) Picture Lady
3112 Alonza Leo Dr
Hayes, VA 23072
(804) 642-0633‎
4.)Photographic Artisty by Steven Stepp Jr
Placement on map is approximate
Gloucester, VA 23061
(757) 288-7535‎

I have no idea if Steven Stepp Jr is still in the business. There was a web site listed but when we went to go onto the site, the report came back that nothing was found.

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