Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cox Service Center, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Here is the link for Cox Cable. for cable TV, high speed internet and or telephone service. This is the only cable TV provider in Gloucester County. Cox offers the fastest high speed internet service on the Peninsula, much faster than Verizon and much faster than any of the Satellite internet providers. We had Verizon but now we have Cox and I prefer the higher speed of Cox. Downloads are much faster as are uploads.

We just subscribe to the internet service. We stream our TV and movies through the high speed so we forgo using the cable TV and we use two separate VOIP phone providers making the cost for our two separate phone lines a total bill of only $70.00 per year. This gives us caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling of up to 9 lines, call recording without beeps, 911 service, free long distance throughout the USA and Canada, and more for that $70.00 per year. Not per month, per year. We used to pay nearly $50.00 per month for much less service on one phone line. Consider this another in the series of tips and tricks. The trick is to use Skype and or Magic Jack for your phone service. As far as TV goes, download DivX and there's your free TV, no commercials.

The Cox service center is staffed with very helpful and friendly people. They go the extra mile to make sure they take care of you. A rare thing these days.

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