Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gloucester County Public Events Calendar Now Up And Updated

On the top right hand side, that little calendar you see there is a public calendar that shows upcoming events for and around Gloucester County. At the bottom right hand side of the calendar is a Google Calendar button, if you click on it, it will take you to a full size page of the calendar itself and you can go through it based on a single day, one week or one month. The calendar can be printed out as well making life very easy should you want to make sure you want to remember a given event.

Coming soon will be a way for you to sign up for text messaging for upcoming events. Plus we will be making announcements here on this site and when we can, we will include pictures and video from previous events to give you an idea of what the present one will be like. Now having attended many events here in Gloucester, even though the event title may be the same year in and year out, the event structures are usually a bit different than from previous years.

Almost forgot a very important feature. Google maps is embedded into the calendar so if you would like directions to the event, just click on the Google map button and it will map everything out for you. Now how is that for simple? Plus we have our own Google Map embedded into this site, so you can always use that to find anything in and around Gloucester.

Because this is a free public calendar, we will be happy to post other events not listed either through Gloucester County's government web site or Gloucester Main Street's calendar. We will also be happy to post pictures or video or both if you have them. Just send us an email and we will get back with you shortly. There is an email section on the right hand of this site towards the bottom so contacting us is very easy.

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