Monday, September 12, 2011

US Coast Guards Scott Petty In The News Again

The above clip is of Scott Petty of the US Coast Guard blowing off illegal fireworks. This is just a partial clip but shows the illegal fireworks going off in his back yard. We have some updates to this story and another one coming soon. First we want to thank Congressman Rob Wittman for stepping up and sending to the Coast Guard our complaint on this guy. We received a letter from Congressman Wittman's office along with a letter from the US Coast Guard informing us that they are now holding an ongoing investigation regarding Scott Petty.

Well our own continuing investigation shows that this guy stoops to some very low levels. I mean really low levels. What we learned. Scott Petty tried to pick a fist fight with one of his neighbors. Okay, no big deal you say? The neighbor is a woman. This woman decided that instead of trying to fight back, she would report him to the Coast Guard. What she got for reporting this guy was backlash from the US Coast Guard. Joseph Sedoti, US Coast Guard RAC, started a harassment campaign against her in the name of a so called investigation. When the woman's husband stepped in a week later, Joseph Sedoti claims he never opened nor was looking to open an investigation.

Wait, the US Coast Guard got involved but had no intention of doing an investigation? This guy harassed a civilian just because he was conducting backlash? Well we have sent this information to Congressman Wittman's office so that he may forward it to the US Coast Guard as part of the ongoing investigations they have against Scott Petty. If you think this is over or that you have seen how low this guy really sinks, you have not seen anything yet. We are finishing up yet another news story on this guy that is even worse than this one.

Scott likes to use and abuse his friends in the wrong places. One such case was sending a police officer to investigate the so called illegal video we did of Scott shooting off illegal fireworks and then giving us permission to show the video to his boss. The police officer was not acting under authority of his boss but instead on his own behalf using his uniform to intimidate. He claimed to have seen the video but yet it was clear he hadn't. This isn't the next story we have for you. It's just one of many sideline stories we have on this guy.

We said it before, this guy is a neighborhood terrorist. Our next story will show you how deep it all goes. Do we really need people like him serving in Homeland Security? That should scare everyone.

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