Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gloucester VA Info Site Producing Lots Of Extra Pages

Gloucester VA Links and News

The main Gloucester County, VA web site with the dot info extension is using an old SEO trick to help stave off negative press from showing up in search results.  Why?  Because we are producing a lot of negative press about Gloucester County, VA Animal Control, Gloucester County, VA Sheriff's Office, Circuit Court Office and staff and now the Board of Supervisors.  The concept is to push other sites down by flooding the search engine with pages on your own site.  Gloucester has deep pockets, even though they happen to be yours.  So what we are doing in response to all of this is recoding our posts to move back up into the search results.

  Not an easy task and very time consuming.  So in case you have been wondering why all the pages now flooding the local search, you understand why.


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